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Igor Kibalchich
Product manager
Igor Kibalchich
Vadim Ryazanov
Senior Software engineer
Vadim Ryazanov
Evgeniy Izotov
Senior Software developer
Evgeniy Izotov
Catherin Ptitsina
Senior Recruiter
Flo Health Inc.
Catherin Ptitsina
Luba Yudasina
at Zarta
Luba Yudasina

Our Clients

Why us?

High Speed of Work When you get in touch with our IT hiring agency, we’ll ask you about your requirements and preferences. As soon as you provide us with all the answers, we’ll begin to search. To accelerate the process, we’ll resort to the most efficient tools, platforms, and communication channels. We’ll be working as promptly as we can to deliver the best result as quickly as possible.
Experience All our team members can boast impressive expertise in IT recruitment. We know this sector inside out. We understand very well the specifics of all the tools, programming languages, and technologies that are available on the market: Java, React, C++, Unity, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, and so on. Our staff knows how to assess the skills and competencies of each candidate and which questions to ask them.
Versatility Our clients are both IT professionals and organizations that would like to hire them. We deal with specialists from all niches of the industry: web and mobile development, data science, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quality assurance, web design, and so on. We can find an ideal candidate of any level: junior, middle or senior. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a full-time job, a remote one, or a short-term project.
Excellent Communication Skills We know how to listen to our clients and make their wishes come true. The customers of our job agency frequently accentuate this aspect in their testimonials. Our team members are friendly and polite. They promptly answer messages and always remain positive-minded. After brief communication with each hiring company, we begin to understand the specifics of its corporate culture. All the candidates that we’ll offer to the organization will match its spirit and share its core values.
Responsibility We always fulfill what we promise. This is one of the fundamental principles of our tech recruiting firm. We’re never afraid of challenging tasks. Even if your hiring requirements are unusual, we’ll find a way to meet them. Even if you’re a professional with limited experience, we’ll be able to offer a good job to you.
Access to a Large Pool of Talents When you start to look for job vacancies and IT talents yourself, you might come across many worthy variants. However, our HR services company can offer much more options to you. We rely on an extensive network of personal contacts that we’ve been diligently building for many years. We’ll ensure maximum freedom of choice and unparalleled flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know how to hire workers and where to find the right applicants, or if you're thinking
about where to get a job, your best bet is to contact a workforce recruitment agency.
Professionals can help you find the right workers or meet your employer.

Now we have a special offer for our clients - 1 hiring for 1-month salary. Every fifth hiring - for free!

Yes, every 5th position we fill for your company is free of charge!

On average, we can present between 5 to 10 candidates per week, depending on the number of candidates the company is willing to consider for the position.

Interesting numbers

150 000 engineers on our database
50+ technical recruiters in our team
80+ clients worldwide since 2018
98% efficiency in finding the right candidates for our clients

— We find the best IT professionals

HR & IT recruitment agency

Main functions of recruitment agency

Job recruitment agency is a modern organization mediating between employers and job seekers. Recruiting company's professional activity is not only in selecting candidates for vacancies, but also in assessing their compliance with the requirements of the heads of industries, enterprises or institutions. Careful selection of candidates in a professional recruitment firm is carried out by analyzing the competence of the applicant and his personal suitability for the desired position.

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The end result of the service is a new, competent employee in the company who performs his or her duties effectively.

About the cost of the company's employment services

The exact cost of the work is determined by a job recruitment agency after studying the application and working through it with the client. The price of services - "recruitment and recruiting" cannot be the object of standardization, as a rule, take into account:

  • the complexity of the tasks;
  • the urgency of the order;
  • attractiveness of the company that offers the work;
  • volume and success of previous experience with the customer;
  • the most effective ways of searching for this order;
  • rarity of the necessary specialist IT recruitment agencies;
  • order exclusivity.

Algorithm of action of a technical recruiting agency

  • The recruitment firm organizes the collection of information about the brand, and the strengths of the project. The staffing services company holds a discussion with technical experts or personnel department employees about the requirements for candidates. Gradually a "skills matrix" is created, a profile of the appropriate applicant for the position.
  • Recruit staffing service includes: identifying the most effective search strategies: selecting a list of donor companies, tools for research and effective communication, and a platform for productive advertising of vacancies.
  • Establishing a dialogue with each potential candidate, making presentations to them about the IT staff company and the project.
  • Arranging initial preliminary technical screening on the tasks of the client company.
  • Providing the client with resumes of applicants for vacancies with the necessary information in accordance with the technical requirements of the vacancies.
  • Inviting applicants for an interview, and conducting negotiations to identify possible contradictions.
  • Negotiating proposed terms with candidates who have been successfully interviewed.

What does "temp agency jobs" mean?

A temp IT staffing recruitment agency is a modern company that collaborates with other businesses and organizations looking for temporary or seasonal out staffing. In addition to hiring processes, a skilled staffing company serves as a human resources department and works in niche industries. Currently, a job staffing company helps qualified contractors in fields such as publishing, medicine, and engineering. Staffing tech recruiter jobs help to determine and execute the right recruitment for it.

Good staff recruitment agencies' recruiting and evaluation duties include:

  • Contracting with companies that need seasonal or temporary workers.
  • Paying for work on a contracted hourly basis.
  • The IT recruiting firm sends employees to organizations in need of their services.
  • Staff hiring agencies perform background checks on workers' skills, competence and suitability.

Benefits of professional tech recruiting firms

A temp employment recruitment agency helps both workers and employers in different ways, but it brings effective help to both parties.

  • Professional recruitment agencies provide a time and effort-saving opportunity. Employers or companies don't need to conduct interviews or a screening process, or analyze reviews, to find worthy people to work with.
  • Specialized highly qualified IT recruitment agencies help employers find employees quickly, search for department heads for vacant positions.
  • Temporary agencies offer free, favorable employment services to applicants.
  • A staffing agent arranges staff outsourcing, offers part-time, full-time or seasonal positions, and explores all temporary agency vacancies.

Our employment staffing agency specializes in various modern fields, we cooperate with the best IT it recruitment companies and are ready to implement any complex projects.

Client Testimonials

Kathrin Lazarevich

CEO of Digiteum

All of the candidates selected by Znojdziem had good technical skills. So good that it was hard to choose between them. The company works at the highest level!

Tatiana Kushner

HRM of Customertimes

Our company was very happy with the staff we had. They turned out to be friendly and worked very smoothly. With such employees there is only one way to go - up!

Tatiana Rokalo

Recruitment specialist of Playtika

Even during the first stages of searching and screening candidates, we saw that Znojdziem was professional. We interviewed only the best of the best. And most were offered jobs in our company! Thank you for your work!

Hila Harkov

HRD of

I want to thank you for the fruitful cooperation. Our startup needed talented developers, and we got them! The company is worth working with.