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IT Recruiting Agency offers to take advantage of a convenient service in search of highly professional staff in the IT industry. We are working only with EU residents and candidates from EU affiliated countries with a very favorable legal system in the domain of IT.

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Igor Kibalchich
Product manager
Igor Kibalchich
Vadim Ryazanov
Senior Software engineer
Vadim Ryazanov
Evgeniy Izotov
Senior Software developer
Playtika Minsk
Evgeniy Izotov
Catherin Ptitsina
Senior Recruiter
Flo Health Inc.
Catherin Ptitsina
Katherine Lazarevich
Co-founder, Co-CEO
at Digiteum
Katherine Lazarevich

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IT recruitment agency

Main functions of recruitment agency

Job recruitment agency is a modern organization mediating between employers and job seekers. Recruiting company's professional activity is not only in selecting candidates for vacancies, but also in assessing their compliance with the requirements of the heads of industries, enterprises or institutions. Careful selection of candidates in a professional recruitment firm is carried out by analyzing the competence of the applicant and his personal suitability for the desired position.

The end result of the service is a new, competent employee in the company who performs his or her duties effectively.

About the cost of the company's employment services

The exact cost of the work is determined by a staff recruitment agency after studying the application, working through it with the client. The price of services - "recruitment and recruiting" cannot be the object of standardization, as a rule, take into account:

Algorithm of action of a labour hire agency

What does "temp agency jobs" mean?

A staffing temp agency is a modern company that collaborates with other businesses and organizations looking for temporary or seasonal out staffing. In addition to hiring processes, a skilled staffing company serves as a human resources department and works in niche industries. Currently, a job staffing company helps qualified contractors in fields such as publishing, medicine, and engineering. Staffing tech recruiter jobs help to determine and execute the right recruitment for it.

Temporary staffing agencies' recruiting and evaluation duties include:

Benefits of professional recruiting

A temp recruitment agency helps both workers and employers in different ways, but it brings effective help to both parties.

Our international job employment agency specializes in various modern fields, we cooperate with the best IT companies and are ready to implement any complex projects.