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Mini-RPO (Outstaffing)

Embedding, working on-site or off-site and participating in your team’s work

Are you engaged in business, but tired of being distracted by various HR problems? Then pay attention to outstaffing. This method has long been popular abroad.

Outsourcing staff is a strategic decision of an organization to reduce costs and increase efficiency by delegating some of the important powers to employees or entire companies.

Recruitment Agency it offers services for hiring and selecting applicants for various positions. With us, you can concentrate on the main tasks and calmly conduct business without compromising the organization. We provide good results for companies that need to hire on a large scale.

How to improve the hiring process

We are searching for managers and applicants for different positions. When selecting personnel, we start from your needs and plans. The current staff can work in our or your office. Choose what is more convenient for you.

Automation of HR outsourcing processes includes management of the customer base, employee data, partners, etc. This approach creates a valuable reputation due to good service and customer loyalty.

It’s convenient with us! assumes part of the expenses, including salary to the applicant, recruitment tools, phones, laptops, technology and marketing expenses.

Analysis and development of vacancies

Recruiting is often carried out using proven practices and experience. Recruitment agencies, when searching for able-bodied people for vacant places, have been using proven schemes for years. And, unfortunately, outdated processes do not always bring results.

There is no universal approach for Znoydzem. We are customer-oriented in our work and know exactly what everyone needs. Senior consultants sometimes make minor adjustments and changes that radically change the process of outsourcing personnel in Poland.


We not only help you find a job, but also bring the candidate up to date, increasing engagement. This is an important step that we, together with the applicant, overcome at every stage of employment.

So, the candidate goes from finding a job and getting to know the company to receiving and accepting a cooperation offer.


Personnel leasing in Poland is especially in demand in the field of management, accounting, IT, logistics, security, legal support and where employees need to be hired urgently. We offer services:

  • Partial and full-cycle RPO.
  • Brand.
  • Recruitment projects.
  • Creating a job ad.
  • Candidate management.
  • Assistance to candidates who do not know where to go and get a job.
  • Studying a resume.

Advantages of our outsourcing solutions

Why Outsourcing staff is Good:

  • Does not inflate the staff and saves vacant places.
  • Makes the work more efficient.
  • No need to pay taxes for employees.
  • Saving time.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Quality improvement.
  • Reduction of time.
  • Reduction of the hourly rate.
  • High flexibility.

Client Testimonials

Igor Kibal

Product Manager AIMATTER

We started looking at current Znoydzem vacancies. Thank you, we have recruited a great team, we plan to continue cooperation.

Michael Grebennikov

Founder of Digiteum

Satisfied with the services. A large list of vacancies. We hired several people for re-employment.

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