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Finding a job as a Software Engineer is not the easiest task. There are many employers, but you will have to try hard to get a job with a high salary and social guarantees.

Demand for Software Engineer

The vacancy of Software Engineer means the search of an employee for the development of the project's terms of reference, product management, and correction of errors if necessary. A person must have analytical thinking and be multitasking. The profession is in demand, many companies need such specialists.

How to learn and what you need to know for the interview

Before looking at current vacancies you need to have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. You can understand the essence of the profession through courses, college or university. You can get skills and some experience in the development of commercial projects on internships in small, medium and large IT companies. At the interview you should have some programming knowledge, know the syntax of a programming language and have a good idea of how to develop desktop and mobile applications.

Requirements and Responsibilities Software Engineers

In order to find a job as a Software Engineer in Poland you need to have development experience and a diploma from a specialized course, educational institution. Otherwise, even getting to the interview will be difficult. The responsibilities of the job seeker include supervising the development and optimization of application code, possibly participating in bureaucratic procedures and communicating with clients.

How much is earned

The average hourly rate for a specialist of the entry level (Middle Level) is about 40 euros, the average level (Junior Level, entails 2-4 years of experience) is 60 euros, the Senior Level (more than 6 years of experience) from 100 euros. That is 2500, 4000 and more than 6000 euros per month respectively.

How to choose an employer

There are a lot of job ads on the recruitment platforms and recruitment agencies, you have to choose one thing and go for an interview. Choose a job close to your place of residence (in this case you do not have to get to the office for a long time and do not spend a lot of energy). Give preference to reputable companies, then you will avoid being cheated. Choose pay-per-month jobs, hourly jobs for temporary employees (they can easily be fired).

Why you should give preference to recruitment agency

Staffing agency knows exactly where to find Software Engineer developers for companies. If you are a competent employee, you can easily find a job, from the advantages of cooperation:

  • recruitment in Poland in the shortest possible time;
  • compliance with the conditions of the employer in the ads;
  • high salary and official registration, as well as various social benefits;
  • counseling on all the issues of concern (how long does it take to find a job on average, how to find a job with high pay for a beginner and some others).

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