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IT Recruitment Services

  • Our company specializes in mediating between job seekers and employers in the Polish labor market. The recruiter’s mandate is not only to recruit personnel for open positions but also to assess the qualities and skills of candidates. This is done to assess the suitability for the conditions put forward by the employer.

We offer recruitment services in Poland, the end result of which will be a new competent employee of the company, responsibly and qualitatively performing their job.

How does the recruiting process work?

  • The starting point is the collection of information about the company that has ordered recruitment. Contact is established with the human resources department, and a table of necessary skills for the job is formed.
  • Creating job ads and establishing a dialogue with potential candidates.
  • Conducting a screening interview for an initial screening of potential employees.
  • Sending resumes of screened applicants to the client.
  • Interview of candidates within the company.
  • Candidates who have passed the previous stage receive an invitation to work. Conditions of work are also discussed with them: hourly rate, social package, and other staff privileges.

The cost of recruitment services

The cost of the company’s services may vary. The price is put forward after the complete processing of the application submitted by the client. This takes into account the timing of the order, the popularity of the client company, and the level of rarity of the required specialists.

Advantages of hiring Polish workers recruitment services company are aimed at helping both job seekers and employers.

  • Recruitment agencies select highly qualified personnel for open positions of the client company.
  • Employers do not spend time on their own search, interviewing and screening candidates. This is done by a specialized company.
  • Agencies also provide temporary employment services. Unemployed people can take advantage of it to find a job quickly. Re-employment is possible.
  • The staffing company fully researches the list of vacancies for the best selection of candidates.

Any company can order IT recruitment services to save time and ensure they get a highly qualified employee.

Comparison of services offered


Exclusive search Temp/ Perm

1-month salary of the candidate

MINI-RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)

from 3 500 euro per month

Recruitment subscription

from 1 800 euro per month

Full Recruitment Cycle

Full cycle per every open position from 1st contact up to the end of the probation period Full or partial transfer of permanent recruitment. We provide end to end recruitment solution.

It includes everything:

  • full-cycle recruitment
  • dedicated recruiter
  • recruitment analytics
  • market-mapping
  • HR+lawyer support
  • Job description development
  • Employees benefits

Market analytics

  • Salary research
  • Benefit systems research and comparison
  • Legal and HR analytics
  • End-to-end recruitment process
  • In-house recruiter
  • Employer branding
  • Job description development
  • Job advert creation

Economic effieciency

Costs are lower and results are higher in comparison with having a full-time recruitment team on board We can replace or expend your HR or recruitment team up to 7-10 people and manage the number of involved HR & recruitment specialists dinamically  

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know how to hire workers and where to find the right applicants, or if you're thinking
about where to get a job, your best bet is to contact a workforce recruitment agency.
Professionals can help you find the right workers or meet your employer.

No, our customers only pay for our services upon achieving results, which means after the candidate we have found has been successfully hired.

Yes, for every specialist we hire, we provide a guarantee period of 3 to 6 months after they start working in your company. If the person leaves the company for any reason (whether initiated by you or by their own choice), we will either fully refund the fee received or provide a free replacement.

Yes, for all our clients, we offer complimentary salary analytics for candidates.

Why should you choose us?

High Speed of Work



Excellent Communication Skills


Access to a Large Pool of Talents

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Interesting numbers

150 000 engineers on our database
50+ technical recruiters in our team
80+ clients worldwide since 2018
98% efficiency in finding the right candidates for our clients

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Kathrin Lazarevich

CEO of Digiteum

All of the candidates selected by Znojdziem had good technical skills. So good that it was hard to choose between them. The company works at the highest level!

Tatiana Kushner

HRM of Customertimes

Our company was very happy with the staff we had. They turned out to be friendly and worked very smoothly. With such employees there is only one way to go - up!

Tatiana Rokalo

Recruitment specialist of Playtika

Even during the first stages of searching and screening candidates, we saw that Znojdziem was professional. We interviewed only the best of the best. And most were offered jobs in our company! Thank you for your work!

Hila Harkov

HRD of

I want to thank you for the fruitful cooperation. Our startup needed talented developers, and we got them! The company is worth working with.