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For successfull work as a firmware engineer, you need to know C ++, have an understanding about STL, Boost, and have experience in developing complex systems. It is important to understand the algorithms for searching and storing data, sorting, multithreading. And algorithms – they are classic skills and basic knowledge, that every competent programmer should have.

Frequent expectations of the position Firmware engineer:

  • At least 3-5 years experience in C development for embedded systems;
  • Experience in software architecture development for embedded systems;
  • Knowledge of the principles of construction and operation of microcontroller systems;
  • Basic knowledge of digital circuitry (the level of reading circuit diagrams);
  • Experience in developing multi-threaded applications (RTOS);
  • English level from Intermediate.

Will be a plus:

  • Knowledge/experience in Sound recognition, Machine learning, Motion control;
  • Experience with USB, GPS, GSM, BLE;
  • Knowledge / experience in FPGA;
  • Experience with graphics/arithmetic accelerators (Open CL, ARM Neon);
  • Technology stack: С/C++, Python.

How a Recruitment Agency Can Help You

The recruitment agency works with the full cycle of job search and recruitment respectively. Especially its services can be useful for those companies, that do not have HR-departments and have poor communication with job seekers. Finding a job is much easier and more comfortable - Znoydzem headhunters have access to extended databases of candidates from different countries, for example - current Firmware engineer vacancies in Poland, and provide individual approach to each job seeker. The work of the IT recruitment agency also includes the full organization of interviews at various stages.

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