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IT Staffing & Contracting

Professional recruitment companies are direct intermediaries between potential employers and those who are wondering: where to go to work? The list of vacancies is regularly updated to search for current staff and create communication between applicants for the position with future managers.

IT staffing services

A staffing firm in Poland assists in the search for IT specialists. The company cooperates with applicants from the territories of countries that are EU members and EU residents. This is due to the well-established legal system of employment in the field of IT technologies.

The cost of recruitment services

The IT staffing company evaluates the cost of services depending on the client’s request and stipulates the price individually. The price is calculated in total for the range of services and includes the main criteria: the rarity of the desired specialty, the speed of order fulfillment, the complexity of the task, previous experience of cooperation with a specific client.

The main functions of recruiting

Professional staffing services company in Poland carry out the mission of selecting candidates for current positions in accordance with the requests of heads of enterprises and companies. The selection is carried out by analyzing the level of training of the unemployed and their personal qualities suitable in a particular field of activity.

Mechanism of cooperation with the recruitment agency

  • collecting information about a potential employer, discussing requirements for candidates for vacancies;
  • organization of the primary search for candidates;
  • presentation of the list of applicants and an invitation to an interview for negotiations.

Stages of recruitment of employees for a vacant position:

  • determining the most effective search strategy;
  • the choice of tools for effective communication and research of the qualities of able-bodied citizens;
  • placement of ads for free places on sites for productive search.

Advantages of applying to recruitment firms for hiring specialists:

  • for employers, lists of worthy candidates for the positions of ordinary employees and leading heads of departments are quickly formed;
  • in order to find a job, applicants can choose seasonal, part-time and full-time employment (there are temporary vacancies and job ads);
  • agency services are free for applicants for vacant positions, all applicants can view current vacancies;
  • all stages of interviews and recruitment are conducted by representatives of the recruiting company, thereby optimizing personal time and saving the efforts of potential employers.

Client Testimonials

Recruitment Manager

Thanks to the company, I always find rare specialists in the IT field who do not know where to get a job. I applied to find the heads of the leading departments.

Java Developer

When I was looking for a job, I immediately left a resume and an application with the company. A lucrative job with an hourly rate was picked up for me for free. I’m going to apply again for re-employment.

Natasha Zaharova

Head of the recruitment department Cortlex

Before contacting the company and ordering HR services, I studied the reviews of those who had previously collaborated with it. At the moment I am happy with the joint work. We managed to quickly select a team of professionals.

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