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Popular professions in IT, in-demand specializations

Most IT products nowadays are applications for mobile platforms, in particular Android. Specialists who develop applications, the so-called Android Developers, are in demand. The work of an application developer is distinguished by high wages, constant development and improvement of qualifications, and the relative ease of employment (there are many vacancies and a shortage of truly competent and skillful employees). No wonder that many people in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are looking for vacancies.

How to learn and what you need to know for the interview

Before you look current vacancies for the position of Android Developer desirable to study at the university, passing courses on the platforms on the network. You need to know the basic principles of programming, development environments, features of creating mobile applications. The interviewer usually asks about your education and experience (what projects were completed, are they completed, are they commercially successful), then they are asked to take a logic test, to write a simple program. Diplomas no one requires, in rare cases, may ask to show a document in person or send a photo with numbers for further inclusion in the database.

Android Developer requirements and skills

In order to find a job as an Android Developer, you must have knowledge of the Android SDK (application development tool), the programming languages Kotlin and Java. The person is required to have proof of experience with mobile application development projects, usually from 3 years.

How much they earn

European employers offer entry-level (junior level) developers from 2 to 4 thousand euros per month. An American developer can count on a salary of 5 to 7 thousand dollars per month. Professionals (middle level and senior level, respectively) are paid 3 to 3.5 times more. In addition, there are social benefits such as a free subscription to a fitness center, a special health insurance policy and the like. If we consider the hourly rate, then on average they pay 100-120 dollars an hour.

How to choose an employer

Finding a job as an Android Developer in Poland is not the easiest in terms of finding an employer who will pay the amount specified in the contract, and do it consistently for the amount of work performed. You should choose an employer who has been on the IT market for a long time and has a lot of positive feedback from employees. Everything is clear in the case of large and well-known companies, but the question is very relevant in the case of cooperation with small studios.

Recruitment agency

If you are looking for current vacancies Android Developer, then consider the recruitment agency Of the advantages of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • A large number of job ads from verified employers;
  • Correspondence of salaries to the world standards;
  • Simplicity of the algorithm of personnel selection;
  • Politeness and tolerance to each job seeker;
  • Consultation on any issues of concern to the developer (how long it will take to find a suitable job, payment guarantees, and many others).

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