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IT Data analyst job: the demand for the profession

A data analyst collects data, processes it, and analyzes information. The vacancy for the position of data analyst is quite in demand, the specialist identifies trends, weighs hypotheses, and draws the necessary conclusions based on tests. It is these conclusions that often help solve many problems.

What you need to know for an interview

A candidate for the data analyst job should have three to five years of experience. It is also important to have:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in data analysis, computer science, mathematics, applied mathematics;
  • Significant experience with AI/ML models and techniques such as supervised machine learning, decision trees, and logistic regression, the candidate will help solve a number of problems in data science. Practical knowledge of tools from other vendors is required;
  • Knowledge of basic statistics and mathematics;
  • Programming skills;
  • Knowledge of Python as well as (highly desirable) C and/or Golang;
  • Experience with big data in near-real-time, processing, data normalization.

If you have these skills, it will help speed up your job search for a Data Scientist.

What are the responsibilities of a Data Scientist

The responsibilities of a Data Scientist include:

  • Translating business requirements into software architecture and design;
  • Organizing data analysis work;
  • Implementing data collection from internet applications for content analytics;
  • Participating in Agile ceremonies, requires planning and conducting periodic code review, tracking scope of work with appropriate tools;
  • Working in Unix/Linux environment using Golang and scripting languages, designing and developing algorithms, workflows and functions;
  • Providing documentation for all new code developments or changes. These should be entered into the existing code base, existing reports should be documented;
  • Identifying, correcting, and supporting retesting of all defects found during testing;
  • Assist in the deployment of the system in production, including verification of deployment;
  • Timely resolution of production problems based on severity.

How much does a data analyst earn

It is difficult to say what the salary of a data analyst is, here much depends on the qualifications of the specialist and the amount of work. In any case, in Poland and other Western countries, the specialist will earn at least 6000 euros. Current vacancies Data Scientist in Poland, as well as in other countries.

Why recruitment agency is in high demand

Recruitment agency in Poland offers residents of Ukraine. Russia, Belarus to work remotely on the vacancy data analyst. On the website you can find jobs as Data Scientist. There are other vacancies here as well. It won't take you long to find a job with Data Scientist specialization.

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