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Recruitment case

Quality Staffing Services in Znoydzem

Experienced recruitment agency - offers to take advantage of services for the selection of highly professional staff in a short time. Professionalism of our specialists makes it possible to effectively recruit applicants for vacancies of different levels: from rank-and-file employees to top management. Over the years we have collected an extensive database of personnel selection in any industry.

Performing services for the selection of applicants is not limited to standard procedures for selecting suitable candidates on the basis of resumes provided. Sometimes our recruiting agency is employed by a company with personnel problems, for example, if there are some vacant positions in the company for a long time or if a new position needs to be added to the current staff list, but the client is not able to formulate clear requirements for a vacancy.

In cases where the requirements are unclear, specialists will consult on and analyze the terms and conditions to determine how interesting and realistic they are for potential applicants. If the questions relate to new vacancies, the staff will conduct an interview with a representative of the customer, will make a description of several vacancies.

Algorithm of work of recruitment specialists

Studying job ads by you often leads to unreasonable time expenditure or to finding a job seeker without taking into consideration all necessary nuances. It is better to turn to professionals of our recruitment agency and order recruitment services in Poland.

The work of our IT Recruiting Agency starts with a thorough analysis of the vacancy. We familiarize ourselves with the activities of the organization, prepare a portrait of the required specialist, analyze the terms of the recruitment, and then offer a client a variety of options for cooperation and payment methods.

The leading criteria for candidate selection are:

  • personal qualities;
  • productivity;
  • professional skills.

We use the following technological «tools»:

  1. Candidate Productivity Assessment - allows you to predict the effectiveness of the future specialist even before cooperation begins, helping to reduce the time and financial costs of correcting mistakes and probationary periods.
  2. PRA testing - the system makes it possible to determine the candidate’s fit with the organization’s culture and position.
  3. Often our employees use recruitment cases, which allow them to simulate work situations, provoke the applicant into a discussion, which requires effective suggestions and analysis of the proposed tasks. The cases help to give an objective assessment of the applicant’s professional potential. For example, we use the following scenarios to understand the applicant’s motivation:
  • Describe what company you feel comfortable working for?
  • Who do you think is the ideal employer?
  • Why do some professionals stop performing their duties with quality?
  • What is worth rewarding an employee for?
  • Describe your ideal day at work.

Cost of employment agency services

The final cost of professional recruitment services is set on a case-by-case basis, based on the goals set by the client to the specialists. We provide a free replacement for a job seeker if he or she is not suitable for a number of reasons or fails to pass the established probationary period. The price of our services is considerably lower than the benefits that the client will receive due to the effective work of the new employees.

Why you can trust the employees of

  • the company works to uniform standards, using its competence to carry out tasks to improve the business;
  • has a serious experience in the service market;
  • a great number of successful solutions for companies of European business.

Client Testimonials

Yuliya Karabanova

Recruitment Director of Playtika

We express our sincere gratitude to the IT Recruiting Agency for the high quality and prompt recruitment. I would like to note the professionalism, clear understanding of the tasks, responsibility, and friendly attitude of the staff.

Victor Medyucha

CEO of Neotech Development

I would like to thank the Recruiting Agency «Znoydzem» for its operative work. Specialists of the company have managed to find the necessary employees in a short time, fulfilling all our contractual obligations. We would especially like to mention their friendly attitude and target-oriented approach. We hope for long-term cooperation.

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