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A React Native app developer is a person who creates iOS and Android apps through the platform of the same name. Employment for this position is not a difficult process for applicants, because the profession is in demand, and the demand is steadily increasing. Because there are only more applications every year.

Basically, React Native programmers are required in IT companies aimed at software development. They provide services to entrepreneurs, creating business programs. They search for jobs in banks. Looking for job ads with marketplaces and other entertainment or educational sites. If you are unsuccessful in finding a job, there are staffing agencies that do recruiting.

Basic knowledge and how to learn React Native developer

Beginning professionals need to:

  • Be familiar with the basics of mobile development;
  • Know how JavaScript is structured;
  • Understand the working environment of iOS and Android;
  • Know the basics of Java and Objective;
  • Be able to handle React Native and the command set.

English at least intermediate level will be a plus when hiring a React Native App programmer.

It is almost unrealistic to learn all the skills on your own. But you can try to learn from videos and books with specialized topics. Another option is online courses. There are many of them, and they are available if you have money. Suitable for those who start from scratch. There are always universities. There's no substitute for a real college degree, and it immediately adds up to places where you can get a job.

What you need to know for the interview

Questions may be of a different nature. The recruiter needs to make sure the facts in the resume are true, find out the skills and find out how well the candidate has basic knowledge. And be sure to ask how much he wants to be paid per month or ask for an hourly rate. Salary can be seen in the current React Native Developer jobs in Poland, it's from $2,000 to $5,000. The main questions are about the React Native platform, about its use in application development, how state is handled. Asked how the specialist tested the programs and whether it helped avoid bugs.

React Native developer jobs responsibilities

React Native developers can be found with different skills, it depends on experience and qualifications. The general functionality listed in the vacancies in Poland and other countries:

  • Developing the external part of the application;
  • Setting up dynamic and animated transitions;
  • Implementation of camera, microphone and GPS;
  • Installation of push notifications;
  • Introduction of authentication;
  • Testing and debugging codes;
  • Finding and fixing bugs;
  • Developing updates and optimizing the resource.

Junior developers report to middle and senior specialists. Junior developers have fewer responsibilities and simpler tasks.

Why recruitment agency

To begin with, we note that we do not work with job seekers living in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. We are looking for job candidates who are in the EU and we cooperate only with EU residents. In any case, we select employees according to all given requirements of the employer. And we will always find a place to work.

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