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.Net Developer jobs

Finding a .Net Developer job is not difficult if applicants have the education and the right skills. Developers carry out their activities on the .NET site, using a set of related tools with which to write in C#. The demand for the profession is due to the popularity of the C# language, which is involved in game development.

Job search and what to expect at an interview

The obvious option for finding a .Net Developer job is the job exchange. You can find jobs on specialized forums. A staffing agency will attract users who are passionate about discussions in .NET topics. Or contact a recruiting agency at, they will always find a place to go to work.

At the interview, HR and lead programmers get to know the applicant and check competence. Through questions on the basics of technology, they find out the person's knowledge. Frequent questions:

  • What is the difference between reference types and value types;
  • What are network methodologies;
  • What is the difference between out, ref and in;
  • What are the differences between classes and structures;
  • The purpose of interfaces;
  • The concept of a virtual method;
  • The concept of delegates and scope;
  • How threads are created;
  • What are the conditions for deleting objects;
  • What patterns mean and what kinds exist.

Interviews for current jobs for the .Net Developer position ask about how one is going to apply technology to a particular area of IT.

With zero knowledge in programming, it is worth starting with taking courses. Beginning developers, familiarized with the theoretical information, are invited to work with the open modular site .NET. It is created for the preparation of software that operates on different operating systems. It is also used for the development of resources with a graphical interface.


Before you look for a place to work, watch current vacancies and job ads must decide which area of software products to go, the duties depend on the area of IT. What might be the tasks and functions:

  • Developing tools for software;
  • Analyzing software bugs, fixing and preventing them;
  • Assistance in researching tasks and writing code;
  • Preparing units, designing and creating automated tests;
  • Design documentation construction;
  • Troubleshooting systems and their optimization, setup of settings;
  • Designing architecture and system modules.

The position of .Net Developer is always up-to-date because the specialists' salaries are only growing. Hourly rate depends on the level of the programmer, but both junior and senior get stable pay.

Why the job search and staffing should be outsourced to Znoydzem

Znoydzem will help you find jobs, offer vacancies and select staff. The .Net Developer Recruitment in Poland with Znoydzen is a set of activities to find good professionals with a long term cooperation. We provide services only to EU residents and candidates of EU countries on the basis of the legal system.

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