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DevOps jobs

We, the recruiting agency, conduct professional monitoring of the labor market in order to help companies find worthy employees for the tasks set. We know how to understand people, identify their strengths and weaknesses, assess skills and be responsible for the candidates we recommend.

Some tasks of the DevOps:

  • Maintaining a high-security payments server infrastructure;
  • Analyzing and improving availability, efficiency, capacity, scalability, security, and performance of underlying infrastructure;
  • Monitoring of production applications, including designing and implementing automated methods to monitor production applications;
  • Developing and maintaining operational tools;
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems with production systems;
  • Provide out-of-hours support in the on-call rota;
  • Work closely with development teams to adjust the current build process to suit their needs.

Requirements DevOps engineer:

  • BS in Computer Science or an IT-related discipline;
  • Minimum of three years of industry experience in Systems Administration;
  • Experience working with 24×7 production environments with responsibilities for establishing fit for purposes monitoring, alerting, and capacity planning techniques;
  • Good knowledge of network methodologies and security principles;
  • Experience working in a process-driven environment (Kanban/Scrum).

Experience with some or all of the following technologies:

  • Linux (Red Hat/CentOS);
  • Bash/Python Scripting;
  • Public Cloud (AWS);
  • Containerization software (Docker);
  • Terraform or Infrastructure as Code (IaC);
  • Load balancing technologies such as (Nginx/HAproxy);
  • Network device configuration including Firewalls and Switches;
  • Virtualization (preferably VMware);
  • Logging Tools such as Loki/Grafana;
  • Middleware administration (Jboss/HornetQ/MQ);
  • Configuration Management tooling (e.g. Puppet);
  • RDBMSs such as Oracle/PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases;
  • Excellent analytical and creative problem-solving skills;
  • Excellent verbal communication, written communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.

Thanks to the professional and industry expertise of our recruiting company, you not only search, select and attract personnel, but also audit the effectiveness of the HR department and improve the recruitment system.

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