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Front End Developer (React.js) jobs

A React.js Front End Developer creates websites and web applications using the React library and JavaScript programming language. The programmer's responsibilities include only the external (client) side of the program.

The demand for the React.js frontend developer profession

For several years now, the salaries of IT-sphere specialists have been growing, as well as their demand in the global labor market. The skills and knowledge of programmers allow them not to be limited by the borders of their country. They can find work in any country - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

The average salary for React Developers in Poland is up to 25,000 PLN/month. An experienced Fullstack JS Developer can earn two or three times that. It all depends on the skills, knowledge and abilities of the particular developer.

Where can I go to work as a Front End Developer (React.js)?

The most common openings for Front End Developer (React.js) positions are in the following areas:

  • Banks, financial and payment systems;
  • Companies creating digital products and software for corporate clients;
  • Media, media, and news portals.

You can see current vacancies for Front End Developer (React.js) in Poland at: Jooble, OXL, Praca, Scigani, MamStartup, 4Programmers.

The best place to start looking for Front End Developer (React.js) jobs is with specialized staffing agencies. Ordinary job ads for developers will not give all the information about the company that IT recruiters have.

How to learn Full-stack JavaScript Developer from scratch

  • Self-study - there are a lot of YouTube videos, self-study tutorials, and tutorials on forums in the public domain. You can also always ask for advice or help from senior level programmers;
  • Education at a specialized university or college;
  • Online training - many IT schools offer courses for developers at various levels - from junior to middle and senior level. There are long-term courses for a year or two. There are short webinars and courses that allow you to cover a specific area in a couple of months.

Skills required for a React.js frontend developer

To find a job as a Front End Developer (React.js) you need:

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5 markup language, CSS Cascading Style Sheets(3) and Javascript syntax (ES 6+);
  • Understanding of the HTTP protocol;
  • Have experience with modern spa systems;
  • Have experience in cross-browser and adaptive layout;
  • Knowledge of React: React, Redux, Sagas/Thunks;
  • Be able to test using Mocha /Jest.

How does a Front End Developer (React.js) choose the right employer?

Both newcomers to Front End Development and experienced developers want to be part of outstanding companies where their knowledge and professionalism are valued. We at the recruitment agency help talented candidates to find a job and a dream team, and we help companies get the long-awaited specialist.

For several years now, our team has been performing a full cycle of tasks to close large IT job openings and to employ IT professionals. We take a responsible approach to recruitment - we gather information on the pros and cons of companies and applicants, clarify the nuances of interaction. We help organizations and candidates to reach a dialogue and find common ground.

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