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A vacancy for the position of JavaScript Developer will be of interest to a programmer-developer who uses the multi-paradigm JavaScript programming language (scenario type). Specialists in this field can find a place to go to work among employers whose activities are impossible without creating JS code.

Relevance of the JavaScript developer profession in Poland

The trend of remote job search is widespread. International Recruitment Agency cooperates with candidates for IT positions from EU countries. The selection of personnel from the EU is taking place, thanks to the legal system in the field of information technology established within the countries.

What knowledge do you need to have when applying for a position?

To become a specialist and find a job as a JavaScript programmer in the future, it is necessary to study the Java segment, Spring stack and the possibilities of creating a microservice architecture in sufficient depth. At the stage of final selection of candidates, experience with messaging systems and NoSQL databases is a priority.

Requirements for the applicant

Job search for a Developer of JavaScript will be successful if the candidate:

  • proficient in object-oriented design, familiar with design patterns;
  • has the skills to write functional, integration and unit tests;
  • familiar with application performance management tools;
  • has experience in managing the processes of development, delivery and support of technically complex software products;
  • has an understanding of the structure of the existing code base and is able to document it if necessary.

The earnings of specialists and the choice of an employer

Current vacancies of a js developer in Poland are marked with a salary of 3000$ per month. The amount of payment for the developer will be prescribed in the mutual employment agreement. Applicants should look at current vacancies on the official website of the recruitment agency. This is a safe way to find a job or explore options where to get a job, without the risk of encountering scammers.

Criteria by which you can choose an honest employer:

  • the job description specifies clear requirements for potential candidates and salary conditions (monthly payment or hourly rate);
  • a matrix of skills is described in detail, thanks to which the corresponding applicant can recognize himself in the job advertisement;
  • a dialogue has been established with relevant candidates, a presentation of the employer company, its brand and projects is being held.

Advantages of applying to a recruitment agency

Successful hiring of js developer and other IT specialists is impossible without the assistance of a recruitment company. This is how a thorough selection of candidates is carried out with the study of their personal data in relation to their suitability for the position. The selection of a team of specialists takes place as soon as possible, agreed with the customer. Applicants, in turn, receive free employment services.

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