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IT temp Agency

What is a temporary agency

An IT temp agency provides employment for an employee for 1-3 months. As a rule, for the execution of a single project. Such work is offered by small and medium-sized companies that cannot support an employee for a long time.

Hiring by experience or skill set

The selection of personnel for long-term cooperation should be carried out in accordance with the balance of a set of skills and experience. Temporary recruiting focuses on the experience of the applicant, since it is irrational to evaluate skills in this case (it takes a lot of time). You should carefully review the resume, identify projects with similar responsibilities required by the company.

Providing opportunities for all schedules

Temp agencies offer jobs with any work schedule. A person can work from 8 to 12, from 12 to 16, from 16 to 20 o’clock in the afternoon, the main thing is that the designated work is done. In most cases, the temporarily unemployed person chooses the schedule himself. The situation regarding the search for managers is a little different, in this case full-time employment is declared.

What types of vacancies are available in temporary employment agencies

The IT Temp Recruitment Agency employs applicants for the following professions: Android Developer; Big Data; PHP Developer; React Native developer; JavaScript programmer and some others. The work may include application development, code optimization, inclusion of new functions, collection of user data for marketing purposes.

Advantages of working as a temporary employee

Applying to a tech temp agency for recruiting is a good idea in the following cases: frequent change of residence; combination with training and a desire to find a higher-paying permanent position; a desire to try yourself in different industries and teams.

How to find a suitable agency

Finding a good temporary recruitment agency in Poland is not the easiest task. Recruitment for a short time is fraught with difficulties, so there are few vacancies, the vacant place is very quickly occupied. Recruitment agencies can cheat with final payments (changing the hourly rate, blaming mistakes and some other problems).

Getting a temporary job

See temporary agency vacancies posted no later than two weeks (maximum likelihood of relevance). Choose a job from medium and large companies in the list of vacancies, avoid problems with payments.

Why a recruitment agency

If you want to find a job for temporary employees, then you should contact a temp hiring agency . Among the advantages of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • a large number of job ads;
  • verified vacancies (checking the solvency of the employer);
  • low cost of temp services jobs;
  • transparent terms in the contract;
  • consulting on all issues of concern.

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