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International IT Recruitment Agency

We provide professional services for the selection of IT personnel for the possibility of expanding the geolocation of your company and outsourcing without borders!

Our international job agency will find a technical specialist of the right profile from anywhere in the world. The main direction of the company is recruitment in Poland. We adapt to economic conditions and make only favorable offers!

What does our agency do?

We are a modern young team, an international recruitment company «Znoydzem», which has a large circle of friends and acquaintances in large IT companies. The idea to create an international recruitment was born in connection with the massive relocation of developers. The experience of our company’s employees allows us to act as a connecting intermediary between employers and job seekers.

Having experience in working with numerous IT structures, we select staff not only based on your budget and their availability in our database. An important condition for us is that these applicants meet your requirements. As a worthy international IT recruitment agency in Poland, we conduct a thorough pre-selection, testing and interviewing of your future employees. And only after that we can recommend them to you. Rely on us to assess the competence, aptitude and positive personal characteristics of candidates.

Services of the international employment agency «Znoydzem»

  • Finding out the needs of the employer. We are attentive to everyone, ask the correct questions and find out the goals of finding new staff. This is necessary in order to choose the best member of your future team.
  • We use the most modern search tools. Qualified IT developers use internal thematic social networks.networks and resources that we are familiar with. We know how and where to find a good specialist.
  • Fair selection according to your requirements. It will not be difficult for our international recruitment agency to find the right technical employee, select him and present him to you.
  • Only official recruiting services. If you like our candidates, we will help you make a suitable KP for them on favorable terms, we will document everything. Hiring is carried out for temporary jobs or long-term cooperation.
  • Constant support of employers and job seekers. We are sympathetic to everyone who has contacted us. Finding a job is a difficult task, as is hiring a good employee. That’s why we always keep in touch with you!

International employment agencies - the price of the question?

Job search and job seekers is one of the important problems for many in Poland and neighboring countries. You can name the cost of our services only after finding out your needs as an employer. After all, this is influenced by factors such as:

  • The position of the wanted candidate.
  • The number of presence of the right candidates in the market.
  • Ways to search for such candidates (paid tools, the frequency of viewing current vacancies and job ads, a set of different search methods).
  • Whether headhunting is required or there are specialists available from work.

The cost of the services of an international recruiting company depends on the definition and strategy. We always try to find the most effective and less costly way to solve your problem.

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