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Angular Front-end Developer or in another way JavaScript-programmer - this is one of the most relevant specialties in the world of IT-technology. Many people mistakenly narrow the specialty Angular to a narrow range of performing certain tasks, but this is far from it. A true specialist must be multitasking-oriented, and only when this condition is met can he be in demand on the labor market.

Find a job as Angular JS programmers is quite realistic in any part of the world. Companies from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia willingly offer numerous vacancies with different rates and tasks for applicants.

What you need to know before the interview

Finding a job as an Angular developer involves actively interviewing for current job openings. But before that comes the question of how to learn to become an Angular programmer. It is realistic to do this by mastering the layout of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and start learning the framework. This allows the IT professional to perform a wide range of tasks. Be prepared that your certificates and diplomas will not be looked at. The level of real knowledge is what really matters in employment and is determined by completing a test assignment.

You should clearly know what level you have and what the company requires. If you do not meet it, there is a high probability that you will be rejected:

  • Junior: this level is for recent graduates;
  • Middle: this level is for recent graduates; Middle: this level can be done in English;
  • Senior: a high level of soft-skills training.

Requirements and skills

When recruiting staff, companies have a certain list of requirements for applicants. Most often, the vacancy for the position of Angular Developer involves the following:

  • Competent estimation of the time taken to complete a task;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Understanding the importance of following all the clauses of the terms of reference;
  • The ability to build and manage a team of specialists;
  • Knowledge of working tools.

How much does an Angular Developer earn?

The average salary, based on job ads from numerous recruitment sites, is about $2,500 to $3,000. The services of higher class specialists cost much more. Some jobs also involve hourly pay.

How to Choose an Employer

The job search assumes numerous interviews, during which not only the company decides if the applicant is suitable or not, but the applicant also chooses the right employer. Don't be afraid to ask about the prospects and career growth - you should be guaranteed that you can not only work your way up, but also develop and improve.

How a Recruitment Agency Can Help You

The recruitment agency works with the full cycle of job search and recruitment respectively. Especially its services can be useful for those companies that do not have HR-departments and have poor communication with job seekers. Finding a job is much easier and more comfortable - Znoydzem headhunters have access to extended databases of candidates from different countries, for example - current vacancies Angular Developer in Poland, and provide individual approach to each job seeker. The work of the IT recruitment agency also includes the full organization of interviews at various stages.

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