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Profession - mobile developer in the intellectual labor market

The IT sphere began to steadily displace the usual professions. Since everyone's life is directly related to gadgets, namely cell phones, the profession of mobile developer has become very popular. The Mobile Developer job vacancy is quite versatile, because it includes the development of not only applications for mobile devices, but also applications and software for tablets, electronic and smart watches, as well as many other compact gadgets.

The applicants for this vacancy need to have skills in software development for both Android and iOS devices; if you don't have a full set of knowledge in both areas, it will be harder to find a job.

What are the criteria for the top mobile developer

To find a job as a mobile developer, you need to understand not only the internal algorithms of the applications, but also have a confident command of the interface. The more programming languages, standards and technical information a developer will know, the better for the customer, and accordingly the prospect of vacancies will be better. The demand for mobile developers is constantly growing, but the selection criteria for projects is also increasing.

How mobile software development is paid

Hiring a mobile developer has a different pay range. The remuneration will directly depend on the task at hand and the final result. There are different variants of payment: hourly wages, payment for the completed project regardless of the time spent. Also, the projects completed for Apple have a higher cost than for Android. On the job will also affect the volume, functionality and design of the application. The salary for mobile developers will start from $300 and can even jump up to $10,000-200,000 when it comes to large story-driven games or other similar applications.

Frequently asked questions for mobile developers

Finding a job as a developer for mobile apps is a complex process with many interview steps, each consisting of a stream of questions. Some of the most common questions include:

  • differences in methods;
  • types of events (Event);
  • functional programming;
  • Asynchronous codes;
  • other technical terms.

The answers to these questions decide whether the applicant gets the desired job or not.

Main Responsibilities of Mobile Developer

The job of a mobile developer focuses on creating both mobile games and entertainment-learning programs as well as other applications for handheld gadgets.

Responsibilities can include the complete creation of an app, from functionality development to interface and detailing.

A staffing agency is a guarantee of a promising vacancy

The best way to find a job as a mobile app developer in Poland is through the agency Agency employees are fully competent in recruitment, so they will be able to find a job according to your qualifications and expected remuneration.

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