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Recommendations on how React programmers can get a job in Poland

A programmer on the labour market is a one-of-a-kind commodity. It is easy for a professional with knowledge of C++ to find a job in a good office in Poland. But it is not always possible at the first time, even for experienced ones.

Reasons of programmer job popularity

To successfully promote the business, every employer, is looking for a competent specialist. According to statistics, a React App developer is especially relevant for several reasons:

  • high earnings in banks, payment systems;
  • the shortage of qualified personnel to work with marketplaces;
  • the fast pace of development of the IT sphere, media, and the Media, which need such people.

Before you find a job as an application developer in React, you need to study the requirements of the employer, making a not crooked resume. When deciding where to go to work, you shouldn't hesitate to ask for a specific salary range. By asking about salary, the job seeker demonstrates that they know their worth.

What's important when giving or reviewing IT job ads?

The necessary knowledge for an interview

A person who analyzes his or her own level of training wins the job search. When storming the current vacancies for the position of React App Developer, you need to be proficient in Intermediate (B1) English, be aware of industry trends. How do the pros work?


Experienced React App programmers are employees:

  • Responsible for the appearance of the site;
  • Developing adaptive apps;
  • Writing clean testable code.

It's easier to turn to recruiters to save time, mental and physical effort.

The recruitment agency employs young and ambitious people who connect the employer and the job seeker.

Amount of earnings

When recruiting, the first thing recruiters do is find out the working conditions and salaries. Specialists receive up to 7.5 thousand euros, and this is not the limit. Earnings depend on experience and skills.

European countries usually set an hourly rate of 50-80 euros per hour for a mid-level programmer. The final amount of income is determined by the employer. How to find him?

The secrets of choosing an employer

Compared to self-selection, recruitment agencies guide a job seeker through the job search more quickly. Placing a resume yourself is long, tedious. You will have to spend a long time looking at vacancies in social networks, classifieds sites.

Professional recruiting of React App developers is the help of people who understand market trends. They select candidates by fulfilling the employer's requirements.

Unlike recruitment agencies job seekers staffing agency vacancies posted on the site, recruiters conduct the initial stage of the interview, selecting the right candidate.

Benefits of cooperation with

Not always professionals are convinced that it is much easier to look for current vacancies from recruiters, and in vain. A successful job search for a React App developer with the support of recruiters. The specialists of the company do extensive work.

  • The agency collects information about the startup/brand, creating a picture of the applicant's skills.
  • The recruiter builds an effective search strategy for the vacancy and leads a dialogue with the HR department and the candidate.
  • Organizes an interview.
  • Create a compelling resume.

No more guessing where to get a job, because will help you start earning faster.

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