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Labour Recruitment Agency for Hire

— We find the best IT professionals

Viktoria Stretskite
Victoria Stretskite
Fiodar Usau
Managing partner

Offers services to find professionals

Is a reliable partner in finding professional staff in IT industry. We are prepared to assume a full cycle of work on open vacancies in Your company, to provide comprehensive assistance in office opening in Poland.

Our team
Victoria Stolbitskaya
Recruitment Manager
Nadezhda Pototskaya
Senior IT Recruiter & HR Specialist
Nikita Mozgovoy
Senior IT Recruiter
Maria Puntus
IT Recruiter
Anastasia Leoshko
IT Recruiter
Diana Gorbachuk
IT Recruiter
Hanna Navasiolava
IT Recruitment specialist
Lina Yatskievicz
IT Recruiter
Marina Muradova
IT Recruiter
Svetlana Kurtenok
IT Recruiter
Valeria Shepelelvich
Account Manager
Victoria Zaytseva
Recruitment Specialist
Wladysław Landziuk
Business Development Manager
Yaraslau Uljanenkau
Chief Business development Officer
Irena Chmel
IT recruitmnet specialist
Wiktoria Kowalczuk
IT recruitment specialist

How we work

Defining requirements for candidates

We collect information about the company’s projects, brand, and strengths of the project/company. We discuss with HR representatives and/or technical experts the entry standards for candidates. We create a skill matrix, the profile of relevant candidate.

Building an effective search strategy

We determine the most effective search strategy: a list of donor companies, tools for effective communication and researching, if necessary – a platform for effective advertising of vacancies.

Establishing a dialogue with potential candidates

We form a pool of relevant candidates; provide a presentation of the company, brand, and projects for them. At that point, we already advertise your brand.

Arranging interview

We conduct a reassessment interview / primary technical pre-screening – on the request of the customer company.

Inviting for an interview

We provide to the customer company a summary of candidates, which relevant to technical requirements of the vacancy as well as the Summary with the necessary information.

Making an offer the best

We welcome the best candidates for interview. If necessary, we organize all stages of the interview and collect feedback. We undertake negotiations with candidates with the objective of identifying possible contradictions, concerns based on the interview. We hold a meeting, or telephone conversations,where we discuss the terms of the offer with candidates, who have successfully passed the interview.

If you don't know how to hire workers and where to find the right applicants, or if you're thinking about where to get a job, your best bet is to contact a workforce recruitment agency. Professionals can help you find the right workers or meet your employer.

How does the Hire Recruitment Agency work in Poland?

Many clients wonder what an employment labour agency is and if it makes sense to go there. Anyone who has ever tried to find a job or take on a jobseeker knows how difficult it is to do. We work to simplify the process and help professionals meet. Both job seekers with resumes and hiring managers come to us. We collect a wide base of contacts. Our specialty is the employment of IT professionals.

Is it worth using the services of a labour recruitment agency?

Applying to our labour hire agency for a job search or a job seeker, you can forget about a waste of time and nerves. Our database contains only fresh vacancies, our employee regularly checks for current vacancies and deletes closed ones from the list. We make a presentation of each company in order to fully familiarize candidates with the activities of the company as well as to promote the company.

We carefully monitor the candidates suitability for the employer's requirements. To this end we:

  • make a matrix of skills that are in demand;
  • conduct an internal questionnaire of the candidates;
  • careful multistage selection of candidates, inviting only the best to the interview.

If you want to find the most suitable candidate quickly, you should order the services of a Labour recruitment agency. With our help you will be sure that your company will hire the best specialist in the IT sphere and you won't have unnecessary people in your team.

Why contact a headhunting agency at

When you apply to us you get an individual approach and a thorough analysis of all your requirements and wishes. When selecting personnel or forming job ads we take into account every detail. Our employee specifies and discusses in detail every detail: from the cost of the hourly rate to the working conditions and the duration of vacation. Our labour hire agency is considered one of the best in Poland based on client feedback because:

  • the staff includes managers with more than 5 years of experience in recruitment;
  • we are always available and ready to answer any question;
  • employees provide free consultations for clients;
  • we have gathered one of the largest databases in the country, and we regularly update and expand it.

There are no trifles in our approach. We take into account not only professional but also psychological peculiarities of the candidates and analyze to what extent they will accept the general policy and values of the company. Due to our subtle approach we achieve maximum harmonious cooperation between people.

The cost of services of hire recruitment agency

The cost of services depends on many factors. If you want to know how much labour recruitment agencies charge from their salaries, how employment agencies work, contact our manager. A specialist will tell you about the specifics of pricing and help you save as much as possible on services.

Looking for an employee or thinking where to go to work? Trust us! With us, your professional future will shine in bright colors!