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The iOS developer profession and its demand in the world

iOS App Development is the process of creating mobile applications for Apple devices. The software is placed in the iPhone App Store for users to download. Often IT companies can have difficulty recruiting and hiring an iOS developer. This is due to a shortage of qualified personnel in the industry. The popularity of Apple devices is growing rapidly. Due to this growth, experienced developers who know where to get a job, as well as newcomers who want to find a job in programming, come to the field of iOS application development. Consequently, if you want to find an iOS developer job, now is the perfect time.

How to learn / What you need to know for an interview

To , you will need to prepare for a technical interview. It will focus on your specific language (Swift), object-oriented concepts, and your projects. To prepare, you can take an online course to learn Apple's programming environment for app development. A requires user interface and database design skills in addition to Swift knowledge. Certification courses in these areas will help you in your job search and future .

Requirements / Skills

Here are the basic knowledge and skills requirements for job seekers from current iOS developer jobs in Poland:

  • SwiftUI/UIKit
  • Network
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Design patterns
  • Version control (Git)

How much they earn

On average, a developer in Poland can expect a salary of up to $7,000 per month. However, the salary depends on the skill level of the company. Some jobs also involve an hourly rate.

How to choose an employer

When , it is not always easy for a job seeker to figure out where best to go to work. First of all, you should pay attention to vacancies from large well-known companies with a large number of employees and a lot of positive feedback.

Why recruiting agency

If your company needs to or you are choosing where to go to work, then we recommend considering the staffing agency Some of the main advantages of cooperation include:

  • many job ads only from verified employers;
  • possibility to look only actual vacancies;
  • simple and effective algorithm of personnel selection;
  • maximum politeness and tolerance to every job seeker;
  • consultation on any issues of interest (how long it will take to find a suitable job, payment guarantees and much more).

Position: iOS developer

Salary: up to 30 000 PLN brutto/ month

Location: Remote

Mandatory requirements:

  • From 3 years in iOS development;
  • Development experience in Objective-C and manual memory management (this does not mean that you need to dig into obj-c code, but some projects use it), Swift and Xcode;
  • Experience with UIKit, Core Animation, GCD, Core Data and WatchKit;
  • Experience in developing client-server applications, experience with JSON, XML;
  • Ability to optimize code and improve its performance;
  • Working with version control systems Git, etc.

Welcome skills:

  • Development in C++;
  • Flexibility, fast learning, high motivation and product approach to work;
  • Initiative and making to take responsibility;
  • Knowledge of English at the level of Intermediate and above.
  • IT Developer
  • IT Engineer
  • JS Developer
  • Responsibilities’:
  • Designing and developing customer-facing WebAPIs
  • Developing backend APIs that support Angular UI Web Applications


  • Languages: C# .Net Development - C# / .Net 4.x / Core / EntityFramework 6+ / WebAPI
  • Languages: Database development: SQL Server / T-SQL Script
  • Developing complex systems integrations with 3rd party vendors
  • Languages: Powershell / Automated Process Coding
  • Languages: TypeScript / Angular 7 or greater
  • Languages: JavaScript / CSS / HTML5
  • Languages: Azure DevOps configurations – YAML / JSON / ARM Templates
  • As a plus
  • Expertise in developing Azure-based solutions using Azure DevOps pipelines
  • Expertise in delivering secure coding solutions including OWASP best practices and OAuth2 security protocols.
  • Familiar with Azure Functions / Services / Sites, Azure Data Resources
  • Expertise in data modelling and entity mapping
  • Expertise in SOLID design and latest architectural patterns with complex integrated business systems
  • Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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