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C# Developer jobs

C# developer profession and its demand in the world

Digital products are tightly integrated into modern society, these are operating systems for various electrical devices (tablets, smartphones, computers), mobile and desktop applications, games and much more. The code for programs is written in a variety of programming languages. One of the most popular and widespread is C# or Sharp, it is an object-oriented high-level language characterized by a large number of ready-made constructs to be implemented into the code (relatively fast development time). The vacancy for the position of C# developer is popular, many companies are looking for beginners and professional programmers. Many programmers from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia try to find jobs in C#.

How to learn and what you should know for the interview

To find a job as a C# developer you have to get an education. You can do that at the university or take specialized courses in the network. In the process of education, a person should acquire knowledge about the basics of programming (data types, loops, arrays and much more), syntactic constructions, the development environment, the commercial promotion of products. If a person has the right knowledge, the employment will pass without problems, any discrimination is excluded.

Requirements and skills

At the interview with the employer during the job search (held in the office or online), the interviewer asks questions about education, participation in projects, the commercial success of projects. Then the interviewer will ask the applicant to pass a logic test and write a simple program (basic knowledge of programming language). The provision of diplomas of universities or courses, as a rule, is not required, but their presence will increase the likelihood of a positive decision on hiring. Experience is also important - employers are especially interested in workers in IT from 3 years.

How much do they earn?

Beginners in Poland earn 2-3 thousand dollars per month. Professionals are offered $5-10 thousand dollars. The average hourly rate is $90-110, depending on the region (the highest salaries in the US and Australia, in European countries 20-25% lower).

How to choose the employer

Finding a job as a C# developer is quite difficult. There are many employers, as well as vacancies, but you cannot be sure of a stable pay. Tips are standard, you should look out for large and well-known companies cooperate with studios with a lot of positive feedbacks from employees. Also, before signing a contract of employment, you need to carefully read each point of the contract to avoid negative issues in the future.

Agency for the job search

If you are looking for current vacancies C# developer in Poland, then look at the recruitment agency Of the pluses of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • A lot of job ads, verified employers;
  • Up-to-date vacancies (no misunderstandings about the type of employee found);
  • Simplicity of the algorithm of staff selection;
  • Maximum tolerance to each applicant;
  • Consulting on any worrying questions (how much time it may take to select a suitable vacancy, what is the minimum amount you can count on with little work experience and many others).

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