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Project manager jobs

The IT project manager job description is rather obvious, judging by the name of this occupation. It’s a professional who coordinates the activities of multiple team members so as deliver the product on time and guarantee its highest quality. The product needs to meet the desired technical requirements and fit within the budget. The overall reputation of the organization largely depends on their efforts. Project manager duties involve staying in touch with the clients to coordinate any potential changes with them. Plus, this specialist prepares reports for clients and supervisors on how product development is going.

Project Manager Responsibilities

Specialists in this area are in charge of the following activities:

  • Coordinating the work of all the teams, departments and professionals involved in the project
  • Distributing tasks
  • Ensuring everyone has access to the training materials, guidelines and other types of educational information that is necessary for the project
  • Setting deadlines and KPIs, making sure the team meets them or amending the deadlines and KPIs if they turn out to be unrealistic
  • Hiring or outsourcing talent to meet the project requirements
  • Composing and submitting reports on project development
  • Organizing meetings with all the parties involved to discuss the project’s development
  • Together with customers, detecting new opportunities
  • Guaranteeing clients’ satisfaction
  • Once the project is finalized, analyzing its success points and problematic aspects

The trickiest thing is that every team and professional involved in the project has their own schedules, deadlines, and to-do lists. To keep track of all their commitments and achievements, the project manager relies on dedicated software for distributing tasks and monitoring their progress.

Essential Skills for the Project Manager Role

The demand for such specialists comes from many different industries. Yet no matter which niche you take — be it a technical project manager job description or a construction project manager job description — the set of the required skills will be more or less identical:

  • Interpersonal skills — to stay in touch with the other employers, shareholders, and customers
  • Leadership — to not only supervise the day-to-day efforts of the team but also to motivate and encourage its members
  • Organization — to manage diverse resources and specialists with different expertise
  • Time management — to prioritize tasks and avoid delays
  • Risk management — to detect potential risks in advance and find ways to prevent them
  • Budget management — to optimize the expenses
  • Problem-solving — to overcome challenges as fast and efficiently as possible
  • Adaptability — to promptly adjust to the evolving circumstances
  • Teamwork — to make sure everyone is on the same page and works at their maximum capacity
  • Technical expertise — to understand the requirements of the project and know how to meet them

Strictly speaking, it’s not a creative job. Yet a talented manager should be capable of thinking outside the box from time to time and coming up with non-standard solutions to challenges.

An ideal applicant has a bachelor’s degree or master's degree in management. However, it’s even more important to have hands-on experience working for an organization that deals with projects. For instance, a person might start their career as a sales rep, a marketing expert, or a software engineer — and then, switch to product management.

Project Manager Jobs 2023

In 2023, project managers typically stick to this work algorithm:

  1. Plan the project idea, together with customers and stakeholders. The plan includes the product requirements, the scope of the project, its budget, and the respective duties of each involved team member.
  2. Lead the team and let it achieve the set goals, guide people, and provide mentorship to them.
  3. Monitor the progress of each separate task and the overall progress of the project. If a bottleneck occurs, find ways to eliminate it. Report all the delays and efforts focused on fixing them to the clients.
  4. Detect any issues with the project and get rid of them. Ideally, the project manager should foresee problems before they begin to impact the day-to-day work and prevent them. Issues tend to occur if the product requirements are modified on the go or the scope of the upcoming work is poorly specified at the initial stage.
  5. Manage the budget.

Ultimately, they evaluate the project’s success, discuss it with their team, and consider rewarding the members who contributed the most to the common cause.

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