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IT Placement Agencies

International job placement services for the Polish market a professional job placement agency has been attracting professionals for several years to carry out various projects, in particular, writing applications from scratch, optimizing code, correcting errors, collecting user data for further marketing research, and much more.

Our experience

Recruitment is a rather complicated process, as it requires the development of technical specifications from the employer, questionnaires for testing the applicant for the necessary knowledge, compliance with time frames, taking responsibility for applicants for vacant places.

What we offer

If you have a free place and you want to find a professional in IT, then we will be happy to help you. We offer search services for Android developers, PHP Developer, Team Lead, Python Developer, Unity Programmer and many others.

The hiring process

Our international placement agency in Poland hires staff according to the following simplified scheme:

  • Determining the employer’s requests (responsibilities, experience, personal qualities, duration of work, payment system and some other parameters);
  • Job placement;
  • Testing employees for knowledge, personal qualities;
  • Familiarization with the working conditions;
  • Drawing up the contract.

Advantages of hiring Polish workers

It is a good idea to order IT placement agencies in Poland from our company for the following reasons:

  • finding both line employees and the search for project managers (a much more complex procedure);
  • low cost of employment services;
  • speed of recruiting (the employee will be found exactly in the designated time range);
  • advising on all issues of concern (for example, which form of payment is better to choose, how long it will take to hire an iOS developer, how to act if an employed employee does not have the necessary knowledge).

Our obligations to the employer

Our job placement company promises to provide a specialist with a designated education, proven knowledge, and work experience. The job announcement will be posted on the main page, applicants will definitely notice your company, get acquainted with the terms of cooperation and will work for the benefit, development.

Customer reviews

There are a lot of reviews about the IT work agency on the web 95% of the comments are positive. Clients note the simplicity of the algorithm for finding an employee, the absence of problems with personnel afterwards (employees have the necessary skills). In negative reviews, the high cost is noted, employers in such cases are small companies that cannot allocate acceptable budgets.

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