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QA Automation engineer jobs

QA Automation is an engineer who controls all the stages in the software creation process, a person who monitors the quality of design and compliance with standards. Current jobs for the position of QA in Poland are worth looking at job exchanges oriented employment, check job ads in large IT companies and laboratories or seek help from the recruitment agency Znoydzem.

The demand for the profession is due to the skills of specialists, these are programming, integration autotests, knowledge of WebDriver API and the requirements for compiling and maintaining technical documents. Engineers are constantly improving products, which is an important factor for company development and competitiveness, so finding a job for a QA tester will not be difficult.

Where to learn as a QA engineer

Finding a job with zero knowledge is impossible. It is possible to study:

  • On your own. This includes many videos, books, forums. It's cheap, but sometimes ineffective;
  • Online through courses on educational platforms. This is more expensive, but much more productive. A retraining diploma is issued upon completion of the courses.
  • Future applicants need to understand how the software creation process is structured and understand the testing procedure.

What to expect at the interview

QA questions combine general testing theory and programming fundamentals.

  • The concept of agile development methodology;
  • What is the software lifecycle;
  • What SCRUM means;
  • The concept of software quality;
  • What the goals of testing;
  • What do the text case and plan mean?
  • The content of the test plan;
  • The concept of a bug and its life cycle;
  • The list of levels and types of testing;
  • What black box, white box and gray box testing means;
  • What are the techniques of case testing.

There are also uncomplicated tasks to test the candidate's practical knowledge and logic.

QA job position responsibilities

It is possible to find a job for a QA specialist with different job responsibilities, but the general requirement is always the same - to control the quality of the software. What functions can be seen when looking at current job openings when searching for a job:

  • Planning, creating and promoting quality assurance procedures;
  • Documenting model instructions and updating them;
  • Monitoring processes for improvement;
  • Analyzing problems and errors in current procedures and monitoring their resolution;
  • Regulating processes and documents to meet standards and requirements.

In some IT companies, QA testers are involved in training the production and engineering departments.

Why recruitment agency

When asking where to get a job, you should contact Znoydzem, we will find an adequate employer for the candidate. Hourly rate will match the requirements of a specialist according to his experience, so a month junior gets from $ 700, and senior $ 1300. In our agency QA Automation engineer is hired only in the EU.

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