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React JS Developer's jobs

The number of sites on the Internet today is simply unimaginable. Modern resources use frameforge React programming language JavaScript, sites are easier and faster to create, they work more stable. React JS programmers are required to create websites and applications.

How to find a job, the demand for the profession

Recruiting React JS developers is not particularly difficult. A lot of companies need competent specialists to develop and maintain websites. The average hiring time is a month, which includes scouring the job vacancies, choosing the right options, the interview and the actual registration.

How to learn and what you need to know for the interview

In order to find a job as a React JS developer in Poland you need a proven education, it can be a college, university, courses. A diploma from a person is asked rarely, a structured educational process helps to better understand this branch of programming. To succeed in the position you need to know the syntax, the basics of coding (types of variables, standard operators, loops, OOP principles and much more), have experience in commercial promotion of products created (understanding of what is required by customers).

Requirements and duties

Current vacancies for the position of React Developer contain a whole list of requirements for the applicant, especially the level of knowledge and experience in project management. Staffing agencies have adopted the following standard designations:

  • junior (only after theoretical training, no experience);
  • middle (1-2 years of experience);
  • senior (more than 4 years of experience, a person is able to lead a team of developers).

In addition to direct professional qualities, a person is required to be resistant to stressful situations, ready for additional training, tolerant of other people.

How much do they earn

Hiring a React JavaScript developer involves a fairly large financial investment. The weighted average salary in job ads for beginners and inexperienced employees is 4,000 euros in European countries. Professionals' salaries can go up to 10000 Euros. As for the hourly rate, it is about 50 Euros.

How to choose an employer

Finding a job as a React JS developer for people with real knowledge and experience is not a problem. It is recommended to consider large and well-known IT companies first of all, the payment will then be stable (excluding any cheating).

Why the recruitment agency

If you want to work in a successful company and earn decent money, then you should contact the agency for recruitment Of the advantages of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • a large volume of vacancies in Poland (there are plenty to choose from);
  • quickness of employment;
  • assistance in legal processing;
  • counseling on all issues.

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