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International IT Recruiting Agency Znoydzem is a reliable partner in the selection of highly professional employees in the field of IT, it has serious experience, specializes in many modern areas, cooperating with the best organizations.

Recruiting company provides services for recruitment of experts of service support services, nonproduction areas in IT, experts in testing and software development, including assistance in finding jobs for team leaders.

The company works only with candidates from European Union member-countries, with the EU residents, where there is a favorable legal system in the field of IT.

Dev Team Leader vacancies

The shortage of qualified personnel in the IT market is a modern long-term trend.

Team leaders are in-demand specialists who know how to bring a team together to clearly solve a large number of diverse tasks and projects. The leader must be able to communicate and manage people, have an excellent understanding of the activities of subordinates. This high-paying profession is in high demand in the market.

Job Responsibilities

  • Quality personnel management;
  • planning and development of new functions, deliveries, risk management;
  • control over the volume, deadlines and quality of work;
  • communication with business partners;
  • Knowledge of regulatory documentation.

Requirements for applicants

  • Experience in a similar position in the field of information technology for more than 3 years;
  • Understanding of modern flexible methodologies;
  • Practical experience in software development;
  • Good oral and written communication skills;
  • organizational skills and ability to adapt quickly;
  • Foreign language (English) - Upper-intermediate or higher;
  • Data analysis skills.

A staffing firm helps you quickly find Team Lead for job seekers:

  • recruitment team leader jobs in Poland;
  • a vacancy for a team leader of developers;
  • Team lead software engineer.

Why recruitment agency

  • The help of a recruitment agency saves employers' efforts and time by helping them find a dev team lead job quickly. Our specialists conduct a rigorous selection of candidates, analyzing the personal suitability and competence of the applicant;
  • Recruiting agent analyzes job ads, offers hourly rate, seasonal, full-time or part-time employment, conducts staff outsourcing, researches temporary most in-demand vacancies;
  • staffing firm offers job seekers favorable free employment services;
  • team lead software engineer job search involves checking the competence of team leaders, their professional suitability, compliance with the requirements;
  • professional services of the employment firm gives the opportunity, watch current vacancies, organize the recruitment team lead developer in a very short period of time.

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