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Jobs in Sales & Customer Support

A skilled and dedicated sales team ensures the commercial success of a business. Its members need to be tech-savvy, persuasive and highly efficient in communication. They should be able to cater to either B2B or B2C segment, or both, depending on their employer’s demands.

Customer service professionals enhance clients’ loyalty and strengthen the brand’s reputation. Their primary merits are politeness, patience and the ability to provide exhaustive answers to questions. Even the most sophisticated chatbots won’t be able to fully substitute qualified human support experts any time soon, because empathy is the key.

Career Path of a Customer Support Specialist

Customer support jobs are an ideal entry point into many industries, including IT. Employers gladly accept students and graduates without previous work experience. To get started, it’s enough to learn the scripts and meticulously stick to them. If a novice employer doesn’t know how to handle a request, they forward it to a profile specialist.

Over time, a professional can become a manager who supervises a team of support reps. It’s an exciting job with a decent salary. The manager understands very well how the organization functions and what each of its departments is busy with. After spending a few years in this position, they might want to switch to another department — and they will be able to make the most conscious choice.

Alternatively, they can switch to working with automated solutions. For instance, they can train chatbots that provide customer support services. As a result, the bots will deliver more accurate answers and will be able to cope with a larger scope of requests.

Specifics of Working as a Sales Manager

Jobs in sales require more proactivity than customer support. Sales managers should understand not only how to convince consumers to buy a product or service — but also which people to target, when, and how. Their decisions need to be data-driven, so they largely rely on research results.

Modern sales teams often work remotely or stick to the hybrid model. Managing distributed teams might be quite a challenge because the industry had too little time to accumulate the necessary experience. A person who handles this task should be very flexible.

How Can Candidates Benefit from Our Services

We offer vacancies from highly reliable organizations with decent work conditions. The selection of IT sales jobs on our website is always extensive. We always take into account the individual demands of each specialist. will save you a lot of time and nerves!

Why Employers Can Be Interested in Our Services

We help employers find the right specialists in the sales and customer service niche. We have access to a wide pool of talents with any level of expertise. Our prices are always affordable. We cater to the EU and understand the peculiarities of this region’s labor market very well.

After you get in touch with us, we’ll ask you questions on three key topics:

  • What do you expect from an ideal candidate?
  • What can you offer them in exchange for their efforts?
  • What’s so special about your company?

We have a huge database of talents, so we’ll start our search there. If the database lacks the right professionals, we’ll ask our contacts for help and will resort to the most efficient recruitment tools.

When we receive a candidate’s resume, we’ll scrutinize it to make sure they genuinely fit this role. We’ll compile a pool of applicants who seem to be the perfect fit for the position. Then, we’ll interview these specialists one by one. Finally, we’ll forward to you the information about the best candidates. Meanwhile, your HR department will be able to focus on other duties.

Why should you choose us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know how to hire workers and where to find the right applicants, or if you're thinking
about where to get a job, your best bet is to contact a workforce recruitment agency.
Professionals can help you find the right workers or meet your employer.

Yes, it is possible to create a Sales department in Poland from scratch. With proper planning, recruitment, and market research, businesses can establish a Sales department in Poland to expand their operations and capture the local market.

Creating a Sales department in Poland and finding local representatives offers several advantages for businesses. Firstly, having a local presence allows for a better understanding of the Polish market, consumer preferences, and cultural nuances. It enables businesses to tailor their sales strategies accordingly and build stronger relationships with local customers. Secondly, local representatives possess language skills, knowledge of local business practices, and established networks, which can facilitate effective communication, negotiations, and business development. Thirdly, having a Sales department in Poland allows for quicker response times, localized customer support, and more efficient market penetration.

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Client Testimonials

Kathrin Lazarevich

CEO of Digiteum

All of the candidates selected by Znojdziem had good technical skills. So good that it was hard to choose between them. The company works at the highest level!

Tatiana Kushner

HRM of Customertimes

Our company was very happy with the staff we had. They turned out to be friendly and worked very smoothly. With such employees there is only one way to go - up!

Tatiana Rokalo

Recruitment specialist of Playtika

Even during the first stages of searching and screening candidates, we saw that Znojdziem was professional. We interviewed only the best of the best. And most were offered jobs in our company! Thank you for your work!

Hila Harkov

HRD of

I want to thank you for the fruitful cooperation. Our startup needed talented developers, and we got them! The company is worth working with.