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Vacancy in : Senior Node.js engineer Salary USD6000/Month

Briefly about the company and product:

- Complex and very interesting data-driven project
- A lot of algorithms, design patterns, slender architecture
- Usage of the principles of SOLID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI when writing code
- A large team of highly qualified professionals (more than 20 people).

* 3+ years of experience in backend development
* Knowledge of js es5, es6
* Working with express, koa, NestJS, [](
* Understanding the principles of asynchrony, queues, threads
* Working with sql and nosql databases
* Experience building rest APIs
* Testing (jest, mocha)
* Understanding client-server architecture
* Understanding microservice architecture
* docker
* Server administration experience
* Experience in developing front-end applications: React.js, CSS, HTML

Product details:

Our product is a complex modular application that closely interacts with the SalesForce backend, based on data from which all aspects of the application are dynamically formed, starting with the design of the application (color, logo, icons, etc.), modules for display, tables and even buttons, ending with the creation of the database structure (CoreData).

The application has >20 modules. This can be either very simple functionality, such as a module for building a route or displaying web pages, or complex (a module for interactive presentations, an electronic signature, photo recognition, an order module, etc.).
The application is actively developing: new modules are being developed and finalized, current ones are being refactored and bug-fixed, a closed SDK is being formed for external teams, and so on.


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