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Vacancy in : Senior Software Engineer Salary

In-House Full-time (Remote/ Hybrid) Programming Position
Our customers are the thing that makes us better. With every new feature request or bug report, our platform and service becomes more and more valuable.

What we do is important, in fact, it is crucial. With communications being the heart and soul of multiple businesses around the world, the Cloudonix platform, with its in-app communication abilities is crucial for the advancements of direct-2-consumer services. Our global network empowers developers to build new experiences – and we take high pride in it. Joining our team will make your work touch millions of lives around the world – isn’t that a great way to impact the world?

We are a team of high performance developers and engineers, coming from various verticals of the high-tech industry. Ranging from traditional telecoms, through open source development and evangelism – all the way to cloud infrastructure and stack architectures, you will find them all here.

We are looking for a high-energy, driven Lead Software Engineer to join our organization!

Who are you?
· Proven track record (5+ years) in software development. We use Java, C, Ruby, C++, Bash, Vert.x, Angular, AWS, Linux, Android, iOS and VoIP technologies. Other technologies/languages are acceptable too.
· Experience working in high-performance, strong cross-functional software development teams.
· Passion for pushing code live every day is a given.
· You are fluent in English.
· Able to take ownership of a project from spec to commercial roll-out

As a Senior Software Engineer you will be responsible for building products and you will need to show the magic you can do:

· KEEP IT UPDATED: Make sure that whatever you do is documented and updated accordingly – there is nothing more annoying than documentation that is not up to date.

· TAKE THE STAND: Your opinion matters – say what’s in your head and don’t worry about it. At most, your idea will be shot down – but it will never be discarded. You value your opinion and initiative – and we’ll never stop you from voicing it out.

· BE A LEADER: Don’t be afraid to “show initiative” – in fact, take as many opportunities to show it. You’ve created something cool that you believe we should use, create a small demo and show us – we’ll always encourage it.

· BE A CONTRIBUTOR: As a company, Cloudonix was built on the values and ideals represented by the Open Source community. As such, we actively promote and contribute to multiple Open Source projects. If you’re an active contributor to an Open Source project, we’ll support your work and encourage it – tell us about us, maybe we’ll get excited about it.

· BE A MENTCH: Team work isn’t easy, specifically in an environment where everyone is pushed to excel. Don’t try to shine, by making others look bad – it will reflect badly on you. By helping others to shine – your light will shine brighter.

This position is assigned to our Israeli R&D center, located in Netanya. Unlike other companies, we believe that people are most productive where they feel most at ease either in the office full-time, part of the time, or remotely.

Employment Type
Full-time, in-house

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