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Vacancy in Poland: C#/ .Net Engineer Salary PLN20000 - PLN27000/Month

Product company

We are looking for a C# Engineer for a leading mobile gaming company and monetization platform with over 35 million monthly active users across a portfolio of games titles to work on cross-platform solutions.


  • Develop new cross-platform infrastructure client libraries for internal game studios;
  • Maintenance and support of existing libraries and products;
  • Investigate and fix weird rare crashes, and application freezes;
  • Review the code of your colleagues;
  • Cover your code with unit tests;
  • Find weak spots in the design of the app, and implement improvements, so that your fellow developers will make fewer mistakes during development;
  • Listen to suggestions from your team on how different aspects of the feature development could be improved and find and implement your solutions.

You will use C# as your main programming language to develop new and support existing libraries that use in Xamarin and Unity-based games.


  • You understand and can apply software architecture principles (OOP principles, SOLID, KISS, DRY, IoC/DI, design pattern);
  • You have good experience with .NET and C#;
  • You have strong knowledge of asynchronous programming;
  • You have knowledge of data structures and algorithms;
  • You have experience connecting applications to multiple APIs (http/https, sockets);
  • You have experience with Test Driven Development (TDD) as it pertains to unit testing (xUnit, NUnit, Moq, Automock);
  • You have an interest in improving the product you work on;
  • You can communicate your ideas to other members of the team and accept constructive criticism.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Xamarin mobile development or knowledge of the specifics of the iOS or Android platform;
  • Experience with UWP development;
  • Experience with Unity development.

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