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Staff management trends 2020


by Wiktoria Stretskite

Staff work trends often transform from year to year making accent on different directions. At the same time, each year has its own features and is reacted to in a special way. The year 2020 is not an exception and moreover has highlighted the companies which are still flexible to outer changes.

The brightest staff trends of 2020 are the following:

Of course, a lot of companies have faced features of remote work: as soon as the pandemic has come practically none of the IT companies could afford to carry on working in a standard office mode. An absolute risk in working with distant employees is the impossibility of make control over their activity at the previous level. So that’s why there are different programs for workers’ behavior control which are installed on workers’ PC and let analyze their occupancy during a working day.

HR brand work is prior: a candidate in the market is hard to be interested only in a high salary, he or she needs to understand the company’s position among similar ones, the product which it makes, its attitude to the employees, basic processes (training, assessment, development, on- and off-boarding). The staff of the company as well as the ex-workers do have an impact on the brand and even those who have once had an interview. It is easy to spoil the HR brand (especially in crisis times), but it is tremendously hard and not rapid to restore it.

Companies’ flexibility towards staff management: here we can see different employment forms, a mobile workplace, and diverse tasks. Personnel agencies’ aid becomes prior because of the impossibility of having companies’ own big group of head hunters (it is expensive) and thinking of their occupancy and development. A company’s flexibility is tightly connected with its work results: if the company can pay only for a reached result (a closed position, services provided, for example), why not use it? T-shaped specialists who can perform a large range of functions and managers’ own flexibility of an individual approach to every employee are the features speaking pro company’s flexibility and its huge abilities.

Inner company’s training becomes not a cost item, but a piece of investment which can let rapidly adapt to constantly changing ambiance and find new ways of effective work. The personal approach of staff training is revealed in the individual approach to education programs choice: sessions, short training, work with practice cases, workshops, facilitation meetings, business games, and long-lasting programs. All these variants may be combined due to the requirements of a particular company.

HR processes automation and deeper comprehension of analytics promote a wider company’s vision and on-time reaction to possible critical cases with the workers. In this connection, the analytics can help to prevent HIPo-employees or neutralize probable conflicts with minimal consequences.

Staff involvement becomes not just a beautiful and fashionable measure that a lot of companies try to incorporate and control, but a perfect sign of a company’s management work: the more politics and processes are clear, the more comprehensive individual development plans become. The more common aims are shared by the company’s staff, the higher the result of the company and the bigger the future potential is.

Staff work trends are changing every year, they get added with new ones, that’s why it is so important to notice them on time and find the most proper trends for your company’s effective work.