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How to work with a dedicated team


by Wiktoria Stretskite

As far as work with customers is concerned, borders between states and continents are becoming vague and worker’s competence and soft skills are more important than his or her location. At this time companies comprehend evident benefits when working with a dedicated team and have more preferences toward such a kind of work. There are some risks that can be maximally reduced under the correct management and approach.

First risk

There will be no necessary level of dedicated team involvement which will influence the work of the whole community.


In general, one works with a dedicated team when having a long-lasting project or working with one customer. It automatically supposes a possibility of speaking on the project’s value, and idea’s importance, demonstrating the benefits of the work on such tasks, and redistributing them correctly due to the knowledge and wishes of the team members. Common meetings for work planning, intermediate reports and retrospectives may be a method of all the engineers-working-in-one-team involvement increase which will grow at a necessary level of awareness and disclosure.

Second risk

Difficulties in teams’ junctions because of different time zones.


Perhaps it would be a discovery, but most people are not interested in 9 to 6 working days, they prefer a more shifted flexible schedule because of personal issues as well as a personally comfortable working schedule. It is easy for an experienced personnel agency to gather a dedicated team that can at least 4 hours stay connected with the customer’s team. Such people may estimate these work conditions as a precious benefit and advantage.

Third risk

Low speed of the team’s size changes.


Working with an experienced personnel agency may help to reduce such a risk because the team’s growth and any changes will be in accordance with the customer team’s wishes and production process requirements. It is hard to be flexible and agile working only with a constant customer team.

Fourth risk

Communication problems because of different English knowledge levels.


Language knowledge level must be one of the criteria for candidates’ assessment by the HR specialists. And the personnel agencies making their choice may provide detailed information on the language knowledge level, its use, and candidates’ possible risks. A team with a necessary language knowledge level may communicate freely without losing information.

Fifth risk

Impossibility of dedicated team control.


At the same time, the presence of the team on the same territory gives the possibility to easily change a working direction, and make major alters in the team’s work, ambiance, and production process. Such an approach flexibility is concerned at a sufficiently high level.

When speaking about the dedicated team’s work, one sees its preparation process critically: necessary technical and soft skills assessment, level of English language knowledge, and promptitude to work in a team. This is exactly the process that the workers of the personnel agency with such experience can help with. Work with the professionals!