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What influences job choice


by Wiktoria Stretskite

It is not easy to find a proper employee in a rare IT market and it often becomes harder to make such an offer that a candidate will accept: a lot of companies, a lot of offers, but only one is to be chosen. How to make your candidate come exactly at your company? It is important to realize what a person is motivated with when changing a job, which terms he or she avoids and where he or she will feel comfortable in future.

When to speak about my own experience, the following reasons can make a person change his or her company:

New challenging tasks which are higher than a person’s current level or add some diversity to what one can do. Moreover, the company having taken an employee without experience of such tasks implementation has a chance to get not only a talented worker, but a highly motivated person as well who is trusted, inspired with it and is eager to prove this trust.

Underestimation at a current job may help a new employer. Unfortunately, a lot of companies neither obtain a regular assessment system, nor can make it work correctly. As a result, “stars” and the most promising workers get no recognition, promotion and start to reckon their employer changing.

Employer’s burn-out can also make a person be ready to change a work place. A threat of such a situation exists: if the worker is burned out in one company, he or she may have the same situation in the another one. In order to avoid such a case, it would be great during an interview to solve matters which have led to the current situation, how the candidate estimates it and whether the similar conditions may exist in your company.

A bigger salary possibility in a new company, Bigger salary is called nowadays one of the most popular dismissal reasons. The salary in fact may be a good motivator for some time along with other important factors for the person (a clear career path, recognition, etc.)

What should the company do and which directions HRM is to be developed in to make new workers be interested in working for a long time:

Have exact comprehension of people necessary for the company in future and which candidate’s profile is likely to be considered. A head hunter from a personnel agency can help with searching for candidates and giving feedback on how a desired candidate’s profile is real.

Provide clear career paths for its workers in order to make their expectations meet the company’s possibilities. There can be a unique inner career and professional ladder or with benchmark using.

Watch their employees’ condition, study their satisfaction and occupancy level. In case of such competency absence in the company one can hire outer consultants for such a work.

Clear compensation policy helping to forecast and influence company’s income. A personnel agency’s analysis of a market in matters of payment systems, salaries level and common trends is precious help for company to hold its key staff.

I suppose that you have already seen that employees’ hiring and holding process is a hard one and demands an individual competent approach.