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Vacancy in France: Financial Analyst Salary EUR4200 - EUR5600/Month

About the job


The Finance function is undergoing a transformation related to the organization, moving from a regional/local one to a global, standardized and simplified one with common tools and processes.

Operational Accounting Team

Belonging to the Accounting Consolidation team from January 1st 2023, Operational Accounting is a recent team, created in January 2021. The target of this team is to industrialize some activities in order to standardize processes in the 16 legal entities, shorten the closing process, improve data quality and reduce the workload of the Controlling team so that they can focus on their core activities.


Job Activities

The Intracompany Analyst will be in charge to manage the end-to-end intracompany process.

Her/his role is key, she/he will work in tandem with the other intracompany coordinator, their target will be to manage the end-to-end intracompany process following budget releases (Budget, Forecast 1, Forecast 2) :

  • Coordinate intracompany Purchase Orders (PO) creation, in collaboration with:
  • Financial Controlling teams in all countries: source of figures.
  • Back-Office team based in Morocco & India: PO creation in the tool.
  • Coordinate PO receptions and invoice instructions for the 16 legal entities in collaboration with
  • Back-Office team based in Morocco & India: manage PO receptions in PeopleSoft
  • Billing team to create all invoices to be sent – a total of almost 500 million euros per year
  • Identify on a monthly basis all intracompany invoice discrepancies: booked on one side (vendor/customer) but not on the counterpart one. Then liaise with Finance local teams to clean discrepancies.
  • Centralize intracompany accruals calculation (expenses and revenues) for the 16 legal entities during each closing.
  • Reconcile intracompany P&L and Balance Sheets (invoices + accruals).
  • Target is to get 0€ discrepancy
  • Build & maintain reporting tools to the whole Finance Community.
  • Participate occasionally to consolidation activities when possible.


Profile, Skills & Competencies

Business skills:

  • Excellent proficiency using Pack Office, particularly Excel, PowerPoint and Power BI
  • Process-oriented
  • Solution driven in agile mode
  • Knowledge of Accounting basics & Finance Principles


Transversal skills:

  • Coordination & communication skills are mandatory
  • Able to work in autonomy
  • Team spirit required
  • Proactivity is necessary as processes are not mature
  • Rigorous
  • Dynamic and curious





NB: Being able to lead meetings in English as well as to write presentations and documentation.


Required level of Education and Experience

Education: degree in Finance (Controlling and/or accounting) or Business School with specialization in Corporate Finance or Accounting.

Experience: between 4 and 6 years in a Finance department, ideally in an international and multi-currency company or experience in Financial Audit.

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