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Jobs in Production

The production industry is rapidly evolving. It offers so many fulfilling and well-paid jobs to skilled professionals! On this page, we share openings from reliable employers. They’re serious about their reputation and they realize the value of human capital.

Specifics of the Modern Production Industry

Technologies are evolving at a mind-blowing pace, revolutionizing the production industry. Professionals need to be very flexible and ready for ongoing learning.

Automated tools have already begun to replace human specialists who used to perform routine and monotonous tasks. To remain relevant in the labor market, such employees need to upskill and reskill.

Professionals who fulfill more demanding roles shouldn’t worry about losing their jobs. However, they should learn to work hand in hand with AI which will help them with selected tasks.

Another important trend is narrow specialization. Even the most hard-working person can become a true expert only in one niche. When they switch to another production niche, they will have to learn many things from scratch. This is because the amount of knowledge that people have accumulated has become too huge.

Why It Might Be Challenging to Navigate Through Production Vacancies caters to the EU market. From a geographical point of view, it’s not the largest territory in the world. However, production jobs in this area are incredibly diverse! You can join an ambitious startup, a tech company that receives governmental grants, a family-run business founded in the 19th century, a multicultural corporation, or many other options. Many employers accept fully remote work. This fact expands your career opportunities even further. It’s too easy to become spoiled for choice.

The second factor that we should mention is benefits. Today, people tend to prefer jobs that enable them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. A high salary is usually not enough to attract top talents. The question is: how to understand which vacancy in production is the most attractive if it’s hard to compare the benefits? Let's say, one organization might offer flexible working hours — and the other one might offer free educational courses. Which of the two options is more important?

A recruitment agency can not make decisions for you. But it can match you with a company that is looking for experts precisely with your qualifications and can provide you with very decent working conditions. We’ll save you a lot of time and nerves!

What We Offer to Employers

If you’re a company representative, we’ll help you find the right candidate in the shortest possible time. We rely on a huge database of industry contacts. We can reach out even to specialists who aren’t currently looking for employment opportunities and convince them to pay attention to you.

Our team members know how to make the most of advanced recruitment tools. If needed, they can place ads on the platforms that are just the right fit for each particular job opening. Our own database of talents is continuously growing and it features thousands of names from the production sector.

You won’t need to interview the applicants yourself. We’ll pre-screen them and forward only the best ones to you.

Why Professionals Might Want to Use Our Services

If you’re looking for a new job, we’ll enable you to land a top-notch vacancy in production with minimum effort. With us, you’ll get access to the options that aren’t available on open job boards. It can be an office, remote or hybrid job, a part-time one, or a short-term project. We deal with vacancies for employees with any level of expertise. We collaborate only with reliable companies whom candidates can entirely trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know how to hire workers and where to find the right applicants, or if you're thinking
about where to get a job, your best bet is to contact a workforce recruitment agency.
Professionals can help you find the right workers or meet your employer.

Poland has a significant number of manufacturing companies and has been known for its strong manufacturing sector, which includes a wide range of industries such as automotive, machinery, electronics, chemicals, food processing, and more.

On average more than 259,000 companies are engaged in manufacturing activities in Poland. However, please note that this number is not permanent and changing significantly.

No, the geographical location and lots of financial, political, and social factors attract to Poland thousands of people who are looking for a job in Poland! It creates a unique situation in comparison with many Western European countries because the costs of living are lower and it attracts qualified professionals to stay and work here for a long-lasting period.

The average length of employment for a manufacturing employee in one company can vary depending on factors such as industry, company size, and individual circumstances. However, on average, manufacturing employees tend to stay with a single company for several years.

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Client Testimonials

Kathrin Lazarevich

CEO of Digiteum

All of the candidates selected by Znojdziem had good technical skills. So good that it was hard to choose between them. The company works at the highest level!

Tatiana Kushner

HRM of Customertimes

Our company was very happy with the staff we had. They turned out to be friendly and worked very smoothly. With such employees there is only one way to go - up!

Tatiana Rokalo

Recruitment specialist of Playtika

Even during the first stages of searching and screening candidates, we saw that Znojdziem was professional. We interviewed only the best of the best. And most were offered jobs in our company! Thank you for your work!

Hila Harkov

HRD of

I want to thank you for the fruitful cooperation. Our startup needed talented developers, and we got them! The company is worth working with.