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Vacancy in : 3D Artist Salary

We are a mobile game development company established in 2018. We take pride in our diverse and talented team and partners, spread across the UK, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and other regions worldwide.

Together, we are working on developing new market-leading products and are preparing to make another significant contribution to the mobile gaming market.

We are searching for a Senior 3D Artist for our new mobile mid-core project.


-5+ years relevant experience;
-experience in creating stylized texturing environments using Tile/Trim technology (Wild Rift, Ruined King and similar styles); 
-experience in creating game locations in given settings based on concepts and references, incl. in their partial absence; 
-zbrush, 3d modeling software, Project paint software (3D Coat, MudBox, etc.), substance painter;
-ability to present  a portfolio with current work in the listed areas.

Qualities that are important:

-the ability to work effectively in difficult conditions and demonstrate high independence, even in the absence of a clear concept or micromanagement;
-initiative: the ability to flexibly customize the process so that work does not stop while waiting for an answer to a question that has arisen, the ability to independently solve emerging problems using project technical documentation as a guideline; 
-communication skills: quick response to requests coming from colleagues, quick feedback; 
-self-organization: the ability to work without reducing productivity without being under constant control, the ability not to lose tasks set by text in correspondence.

It will be a plus: 

-experience in creating characters, the ability to prepare the topology of a 3D model for the needs of animators; 
-ability to compose and supplement project technical documentation; 
-experience working on hard-surface tasks; 
-experience in setting up materials using substance designer.

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