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Vacancy: Front-end Developer

We are looking for a Front-end Developer with 3+ years of experience (React).

Must be skills:

-Strong knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript (ES 6) + jQuery;
-Experience in cross-browser and cross-platform development;
-Experience with CSS3 Animations, Media Queries, Responsive web design;
-Experience with preprocessors: SASS (SCSS);
-Experience of using Figma;
-At least minimal experience with one of the frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.
-Communicate in English as a primary language (B1+).

Would be a plus:

-Experience of work within MVP framework environment, such as: Ruby on Rails, Django, or any other similar MVP framework.
-Experience with relational databases;
-Experience with GraphQL (Apollo Client);
-Experience with Web Sockets;
-Experience with browsers extensions;
-Knowledge of HTML abstraction markup language: HAML, Slim;
-Experience of creating UI part for Ruby on Rails projects;
-Knowledge of CoffeeScript;
-Experience of REST API.

Our stack:

-Most of the projects build on the Ruby on Rails framework;
-Core of frontend: HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JS, jQuery, CoffeeScript;
-The main frontend framework: ReactJS;
-Cloud Computing: AWS (Route53, S3, EC2, CloudFront, RDS, Lambda, etc.);
-DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB;
-Optionally we use: Web Sockets, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, etc.

Our Methodology - Scrum


-Development web layouts using HTML5 (SLIM), CSS3 (SCSS), vanilla JS within ROR;
-Development web animations using HTML 5, CSS3 Animations within ROR;
-Development of non-trivial web pages with text texturing, multi-layered blocks, masks, etc;
-Development of new ReactJS components;
-Bug fixing of existing components;
-Participation in tasks estimations;
-Communication with the team.

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