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Relocation in IT: Trends for 2024. What trends are emerging in the relocation of IT professionals? Where are they moving to, and why?


by Wiktoria Stretskite


In 2024, the IT labor market continues to develop at an accelerated pace, especially in terms of the global relocation of specialists. With talent shortages identified in the ManpowerGroup study, with 54% of employers facing this challenge, relocation is becoming a key solution. This is not only a path to improving professional skills, but also an opportunity for IT specialists to live in countries with optimal conditions for work and life.

Current trends in the relocation of IT specialists

Impact of COVID-19 on Long-term Remote Work Trends

The pandemic has catalyzed the shift to remote work, and Gartner research shows that more than 80% of companies will maintain a hybrid work format. This allows IT professionals to choose a location based on personal preferences, not just office location.

Political changes to visa policy

In recent years, there has been a tendency to simplify visa procedures for qualified specialists. Canada, with its Global Talent Stream program, and Germany, with its Blue Card, are emerging as leading destinations for IT talent, as evidenced by the 22% growth of IT professionals in Canadian cities according to CBRE.

Geographical analysis of relocation directions

Relocation statistics by country

The OECD notes that the US, Canada and Germany are the top destinations for relocation, with shares of 32%, 24% and 18% respectively. These countries offer attractive conditions: high salaries and many career opportunities.

Why do IT specialists choose these areas?

The choice of country is often based on innovative opportunities, economic stability and social benefits. The USA attracts with its technology hubs, Canada with its open door policy, and Germany with its strong IT sector.

Detailed analysis of the reasons for relocation

Statistics on main motives

According to LinkedIn, the top reasons for relocation include seeking better pay (45%), improving quality of life (30%) and career opportunities (25%). For example, in the USA the average salary of an IT specialist reaches $108,000, in Canada - C$79,000, and in Germany - €60,000.

Comparison of conditions in different countries

The Netherlands and Sweden offer short workweeks and social benefits, while Singapore attracts high wages and low taxes.

Statistics and information about relocation to the UAE, Georgia and Cyprus

UAE as a relocation destination

The UAE attracts IT specialists due to its tax-free policy and high standard of living. According to Gulf Talent, the number of IT vacancies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has grown by 38% in the last year. The Emirates is becoming a hub for innovation, especially in the field of fintech and blockchain.

Relocation to Georgia

Georgia attracts digital nomads and IT specialists with its preferential tax conditions and quality of life. According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia, the number of IT specialists choosing Georgia for long-term stays increased by 27% in two years. Tbilisi is becoming a popular choice due to its developed infrastructure and affordable housing.

Cyprus as an alternative destination

Cyprus is becoming a choice for IT professionals seeking a balance between work and play. Cyprus offers attractive tax rates for entrepreneurs and programs for investors in the IT sector. According to Cyprus Mail, the IT industry on the island has grown by 20% in recent years, attracting specialists from Europe and the Middle East.

Specific data and forecasts

Examples from reports and studies

A Tech Nation report shows that the UK is seeing a 60% increase in the number of visas issued to IT professionals, making the country an attractive location for relocation. Deloitte predicts that the shortage of technical specialists could reach 4.3 million by 2025, which will strengthen the trend towards relocation to actively developing IT markets.

Expected changes

Destinations such as India and Brazil are expected to strengthen their position on the global stage due to the rapid development of technology sectors and improved conditions for foreign talent.

Role and actions of Znojdziem

How the company helps with relocation and search for candidates

We offer comprehensive services for selecting relevant candidates for IT companies ready for relocation. We analyze customer needs and provide access to a database of qualified specialists ready to move to a new country. Our support includes assistance in paperwork, adaptation on site and integration into the cultural environment of the new country.


Relocating to the IT industry in 2024 represents a strategic move for many professionals looking to improve their professional and personal prospects. We remain your reliable partner in this process, offering a full range of services for successful adaptation and achievement of career goals in a new place.