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6 tips to find and attract the best talent in Poland


by Wiktoria Stretskite

Hiring a qualified and experienced specialist to work in their company is essential for many employers. But there is a widespread opinion that all high-class specialists are already employed, and finding one will be a big problem. It is not the case if you carefully approach the search for a talented employee. Our hiring agency team would like to share some tips on how you can attract more qualified people for your Polish company.

Top tips for finding specialists in Poland

Consider the critical points of finding and attracting qualified personnel to work in your organization in Poland.

Where to look for qualified personnel?

There are two options where you can find the right specialist:

  • unique platforms where resumes are placed;
  • top IT recruiting companies engaged in finding personnel themselves.

Searching on our specialized Polish platform, where job seekers post their CVs, is recommended. It is unlikely that an experienced and highly qualified worker will place the resume on little-known and unpopular job search sites. Our well-known and popular platforms have an extended search menu in their functionality, which will significantly facilitate the search for the employer.

In addition, there are technology recruitment agencies in Poland that provide services for finding specialists. Their database contains a considerable number of applicants for various vacancies. Moreover, companies have extensive experience recruiting personnel that meets the employer's requirements.

How can you attract a specialist?

It would be best if you had the appropriate conditions for a qualified specialist to agree to work in your organization. Let's consider them in more detail below.

  1. Decent pay. Before offering a salary, find out what level of payment exists for this level of specialists in Poland. In addition, ask the applicant what income level they expect from you.
  1. Comfortable working conditions. For specialists, an essential factor is the working conditions – an equipped office, the availability of all the necessary tools and devices in the workshop, and so on. If an employee cannot realize the potential due to uncomfortable working conditions, they will unlikely agree to work for your company.
  2. Provision of a social package (with official employment). An important point is the social package – paid vacations and sick days, the availability of insurance experience, and so on. For many job seekers, this factor is decisive in giving their consent to employment.
  3. Ability to work remotely. There are circumstances when a specialist (and sometimes an employer) benefits from remote cooperation. In this case, it is recommended that the employee be provided with everything necessary for practical work (for example, at home). If you want the employee to get the most out of the career, provide him with the appropriate conditions.
  4. Reward the employee. Experienced and qualified specialists appreciate a decent salary and incentives associated, for example, with the early completion of a task or solving a complex issue. Such an approach to the work will stimulate the specialist to know that the efforts and abilities have been noticed.
  5. Study competitors' work and determine what advantages they give their employees. If you are looking for qualified professionals, you need to offer the most favorable terms of cooperation to choose how to attract them.

Our IT recruiting agency provides consultations that will help you evaluate the labor market and offer unique conditions for cooperation.

Summing up

The task of finding an experienced and unemployed worker in Poland is a challenging one. But if you competently approach this issue and consider all 6 tips, finding and attracting a specialist, although difficult, is possible.