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Vacancy in : EngOps engineer Salary

We are building a financial platform that will research and run systematic trading strategies. 

We collaborate with the quant team on strategies research, risk modeling, and portfolio optimizations. Our software engineering team embeds the corresponding logic into the platform. 

Similar systems already exist on the market, but quants need to use several of them to research and run trading strategies. Our client’s idea is to build a system that can do it all.  

Client: Several quants with 15+ years of Wall Street experience. 

Team: 25 people divided into three sub-teams. 

Project’s Stack 
Frontend: Typescript, Material UI, React, Jest, ESLint, Recharts.  
Backend (Microservices): Kotlin, Groovy, Python, Micronaut, Flask, Gatling, Locust, Spock, FastAPI, Pytest, Pandas, NumPy, SQLAIchemy, Yoyo. 
Databases: AWS DocumentDB, PostgreSQL. 
Infrastructure/pipelines: AWS, Airflow, Terraform, Terraspace, Docker, Gradle, Tekton, VCS, Git. 

What an EngOps Engineer will do: 
Design and implement infrastructure solutions using AWS services, 
Communicate with stakeholders in English, 
Communicate with other engineers to explain the infrastructure solutions, 
Follow cloud security best practices, 
When necessary, write scripts. 

What we expect from an EngOps Engineer: 
Three years of experience in: 
- Designing and implementing infrastructure solutions using AWS services, 
- Working with non-structural input: analyzing the issue and single-handedly deciding how to solve it, 
- Using Terraform for cloud resource management, 
At least Upper-Intermediate English level, 
Ability to write scripts. 

Will be a plus:  
You know how to follow cloud security best practices, 
You have knowledge in FinTech.  


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