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Vacancy in Poland: Datawarehouse engineer Salary USD7000/Month

We are looking for Datawarehouse engineer capable of maintaining, supporting and improving our whole Datawarehouse stack. There are various options I’m looking at, but nearshore is one of them. The aim would be for long term supporting, and this would include:
- Infrastructure
- Operating system
- Database/Lakehouse
- Data Integration

The type of work would include managing, creating, improving and changing of (just to mention some areas): - Data ingestion (pulling in data through various means from various sources) - Transformation & loading (converting/transformaing/loading raw collected data in usable format/storage in Google cloud storage and using Databricks/DataProc/BigQuery) - Infrastructure & Infrastructure automation (e.g. GitHub, GitHub Actions/Jenkins, Terraform, Google Cloud Composer, etc) - Support (deal with bugs, incidents, supporting internal clients who use the data for analysis (e.g. with Tableau, MixPanel, etc), supporting the data team. They would be working in the Data engineering team, but would be specifically responsible for Datawarehouse. Together they’d work toward consolidating, optimising and improving the whole data pipeline and stack. (3 Data engineers working on the platform itself, and these 2 working on Datawarehouse specifically).

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