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Vacancy: Frontend Developer


  • Superb knowledge of modern, browser-based JavaScript;
  • Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS and Web platforms in general;
  • Experience with Git source control;
  • Bags of passion and drive, and a genuine desire to make things bigger and better;
  • A positive, team-playing attitude – things only work when we all come together;
  • The ability to juggle a number of things at once and deliver to tight deadlines;
  • A proactive attitude towards solving problems;
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Angular framework. (Don't know Angular? We'll bring you up to speed here.);
  • Experience with WebPack or similar bundling tool;
  • Experience with TypeScript;
  • Experience with Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, and Web Components in general;
  • Experience with CSS Houdini technologies;
  • Experience with Atlassian suite of tools;
  • Experience with GitLab or similar source control suite.

Key responsibilities:

  • Developing our core codebase;
  • Developing our customer-facing Admin Panel using Angular framework.

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