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CV: Senior React.js Engineer

Location: Poland

Rate: 33000 pln gross


Technical Skills:

Front End Database:

  • js/React Native, Angular, Vue
  • Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress
  • Typescript, Three.js, Chart.js
  • CSS3, SCSS, ES6/ES2015
  • HTML5, JSON, Pug/Jade, RESTful API
  • Bootstrap, XML, jQuery
  • Material UI, Metronics, Semantic UI
  • QT/QML(Application)


  • Relational Database (Mysql, MsSQL, SQLite)
  • Non Relational Databas: (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, Firebase Firestore, RealtimeDB)

Back End:

  • Laravel, Express.js•
  • Django, Flask
  • NET, Spring Boot
  • Firebase, Supabase
  • Php,Node.js, Python
  • Java, .NET Core
  • AWS Lambda, Strapi


  • Git, Github, GitLab, BitBucket
  • Heroku, Netlify, Vercel
  • CI/CD Pipeline, Docker
  • Trello, Jira, Asana, Azure
  • Slack, Teams


  • Machine learning , DNN (C++, Python)
  • Pattern recognition, Object Tracking

Professional Experience

Position: Senior React Developer

2020 – Present


  • Create IOS/Android App using React Native as frontend, React.js as admin panel and Node.js as backend.
  • Build pixel-perfect Frontend using React/React Native from Figma Design.
  • Integration with Firebase and Social login(Google/Apple Login) •
  • Restful-api with Node.js to Frontend.
  • Promoted DevOps practices adoption, implemented transparent deployment pipeline with Jira, Git, Netlify and Heroku.
  • Implement Push Notification, and Deploy on Appstore/Google playstore.

Position: Full Stack Developer

2018 – 2020


  • Designed the application architecture on TypeScript, React, and Redux.
  • Developed a React Native app that helps farmers automate their production.
  • Created and optimized React.js services, Custom Hook building.
  • Converted a traditional web application to a single-page application with React.js, Vue and configure as Progressive Web App.
  • Developed a Graph QL-based backend API
  • Built REST applications and services in Node.js , Express.js, Laravel, and Django with highscalability, flexibility which are mostly with JavaScript and Node.js on the AWS stack.

Position: Front End Developer

2015 – 2018


  • Converted Figma, XD Design, mock-ups provided by graphic designers to fully functional.
  • Designed and invented solutions and coding patterns to solve front-end problems.
  • Built the foundations of a web components library to integrate into client's web applications.
  • Developed CodeIgniter, Laravel frameworks of an interface management web application.

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