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React is a front-end framework for making digital product interfaces. It’s used to create only those parts of a website or app that end-users interact with, such as online forms, menu buttons, and gesture-driven actions.

React.js developer skills and responsibilities

To build an impressive career, you should have a good command of:

  • Web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass or Less, Webpack. As a js developer, you need to know how to manage the component state with Redux and test the component with Enzyme.
  • Frameworks: Angular, Vue, Svelte.
  • Databases: MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Version control systems (optional): GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Subversion.

Additional libraries:

  • State management: Redux, MobX, RxJS.
  • Routing: React Router.
  • Styling: CSS Modules, styled components.
  • Working with time: date-fns.
  • Requests to the server: Axios.

It would be a big plus if you know how to handle these instruments:

  • Bitrise.
  • Hockeyapp.
  • ESLint.
  • Jest.

Your responsibilities as a React.js developer will include building interfaces, and testing and debugging them. The term “back end” denotes the layer of a digital product where operations that are invisible to users take place. You’ll need to continuously keep consulting with back-end developers to make sure both layers of the app or website operate smoothly together.


The earnings of a React.js developer depend on their experience and the location of their employer: 5.000-7.000 USD gross per month.

Why choose the recruitment agency

Our team can hire a React.js developer in Poland for any type of employment: full-time, remote, or short-term. We work promptly and our prices are affordable.

All the CVs for React.js developers on our website are verified. We apply efficient screening algorithms to filter top candidates. We understand the specifics of React.js development and we know how to assess the skills of the applicants.

Where to find top developers

Organizations that want to find React.js developers should try using the services of recruitment agencies. That's more cost- and time-efficient than looking for candidates all over the Internet. You won't need to spend your time sifting through CVs, a large percentage of which would fail to meet your requirements. An agency will interview the best specialists for you and forward their contacts to them.

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