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One of the most popular programming languages is PHP. It is a high-level language designed for web development (the ability to embed code in html). It is characterized by the relative ease of learning and a lot of basic structures in the documentation (you do not need to invent anything yourself). The IT field requires more and more bright minds every month, in particular the search for PHP developers.

Why recruitment agency

Recruitment agency will be happy to find the right applicants. The advantages of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • looking for a PHP developer in Poland and many other countries;
  • recruiting strictly according to the specified requirements;
  • a lot of proposed resumes;
  • searching for project managers;
  • reasonable prices for recruitment.

If necessary, you can consult on any questions of concern (what is the algorithm of employment, what hourly rate is better to choose or pay per month, and many others).

How to find a job seeker, the demand for the profession

Finding a person with the right knowledge and experience in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia or Poland is not the easiest task. Actual CVs for PHP Developer positions are not found very often. If they can be found, they will be junior-level and middle-level developers. Senior-level specialists are almost always involved in projects.

How to select an employee and what you need to know at the interview

The selection of IT personnel for a company is associated with risks because it is difficult to assess a person's competence. Very often it happens that an employee is paid a high salary, but later it turns out that the code he wrote contains a huge number of errors and he has to spend a lot of time fixing them. You should look for workers with a proven education (colleges, universities, courses). At the interview you should check your knowledge (logic tests, knowledge of PHP syntax), to assess the experience (what projects you have worked on).

Requirements and responsibilities

The applicant must have a clear understanding of what is required of him. The company should take care to form clear requirements for the person, such as experience, and knowledge of commercial promotion.


PHP developer is paid per hour and per month. The average hourly rate in Europe is about 40 euros. In a month, professionals earn about 5000 euros. In the U.S., Canada, and Australia, the payment is 15-20% higher. A developer for an hour costs $60, and about $7,000 a month.

How to choose a job seeker

You should carefully review all the proposed resumes. Choose the most suitable person for the requirements, then invite him for an interview. Then assess the knowledge, getting acquainted with the experience. Do not neglect the study of personal qualities (the ability to make decisions in stressful situations, tolerance, and the like). The answer is better not to slow down, because the competition in the hiring of PHP developers is high, and the person may go to a competitor.

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