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CV: Senior Embedded Linux Developer (Poland)

Location: Poland

Rate: 4600 usd gross


Technical skills:

  • C/C++ Languages (STL, OOP, CMake, some experience with C++11/14/17, Qt, FLTK, Doxygen); Python (sockets, Qt, Tkinter);
  • SQL (MySQL, T-SQL, SQLite);
  • Linux (Arch-based/Debian-based/Red Hat systems); RTOS (FreeRTOS);
  • GIT;
  • Bash;
  • LaTeX, Markdown, UML;


  • English: Upper-Intermediate

Professional Experience

Position: Software Developer

02.2021 - Present


  • As part of the work on the project, both ready-made client solutions and performs the development and testing of new products for working with IP telephony technologies and 4G network were

Tools & Technologie: TTCN-3, Python, Bash, GIT, SIP, Diameter, Linux, Jenkin.

Position: Software Developer

07.2020 – 11.2021


  • Development and testing of functionality for the Equipment Identity Register (EIR), implemented as a microservices for working in 5G networks, responsible for identifying
  • Writing technical documentation for the EIR microservices and possible combinations of subscriber identification in the

Tools & Technologie: C/C++ Language, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservice architecture, Linux.

Position: Software Developer

05.2020 – 06.2020


  • As part of the work on the project, an analysis was made of the possibility of transferring manual management and control of employees of the enterprise to an automated
  • An analysis of the current system was carried out, a model was developed and described for subsequent implementation in software, taking into account the current shortcomings of manual control and the customer's requirements.
  • The system being developed was divided into business processes, work was carried out on the description and subsequent adjustment of the business logic of each of the received

Tools & Technologie: Collection and analysis of customer requirements, communication with customer.

Position: Software Developer

01.2020 – 02.2020


  • Modification of the wireless underground communication system used in the mines of the mining industry currently used by the
  • Elimination of problems with the stability of voice data As part of the work on the project, an analysis of the current hardware and firmware was carried out, as a result of which several options were proposed for eliminating the problems.
  • My work on this project consisted mainly in intensive communication with the customer (on this project, I acted as a representative of the executor on behalf of Epol Soft), organizing and holding meetings, clarifying requirements, selecting a team capable of fulfilling the assigned

Tools & Technologie: PIC Microcontrollers, C/C++ Languages, Wireless communication, Phoenix Radioline wireless modules.

Position: Software Developer

02.2019 – 11.2020


  • Design, development, testing, maintenance and support of firmware for the special medical device (based on STM32F446 microcontroller, FreeRTOS, Bluetooth stack and digital signal processing via DSP IC) used for diagnostic procedures and tests.
  • Work with writing new and updating existing documentation describing communication with the customer.

Tools & Technologie: C/C++ Language, GIT, RTOS, STM32 HAL, MDK Arm C/C++ Compiler, STM32 Microcontrollers, Bluetooth protocols stack.

Position: Junior Software Developer

02.2018 – 02.2019


  • Development, automated and manual testing, writing technical documentation for a project in the area of telecommunications technologies.
  • Activities involved in project: early phases (technical analysis and requirement specification preparation), feature implementation phase (feature design, development (Plex-C, ASA210C), automated function testing on TTCN-3 and manual testing), solution Integration and verification in the customer environment, end to end development from concept study till maintenance, including market customizations and creating documentation of provided

Tools & Technologie: ASA210C, Plex-C, TTCN-3, Wireshark, SS7 protocol stack, MAP, CAMEL, TCAP, Jenkins, Linux

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