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Embedded developer creates software that will be embedded in hardware. They contribute to building all types of devices, from smart watches to industrial machinery. Unlike many other IT professionals, they don’t build digital products for computers. Such specialists are in charge of not only writing the code but also implementing it into the recipient objects.

Responsibilities of an embedded developer

Specialists in this sphere of development should be ready to cope with the following tasks:

  • Receive hardware specifications and project requirements from clients and rely on them while designing program architecture.
  • Create software code, system protocols, and embedded programs.
  • Test the systems once they’re completed.
  • Ensure their integration with hardware.
  • Generate documentation for digital products.
  • Analyze the condition of embedded systems and detect errors.
  • Fix, upgrade, and debug the code.
  • Maintain the released products.
  • Continuously stay in touch with designers, other engineers, and clients.

Which skills an embedded developer is supposed to have?

To make a successful career, it’s essential for the developer to have skills and competencies from this list:

  • Be fluent in C, C++, Python, and Assembly programming languages.
  • Know how to handle microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • Be familiar with hardware architecture (ARM, MIPS, and x86).
  • Have a good command of Linux, Unix, and RTOS operating systems.
  • Be able to optimize software at the System on a Chip (SoC) level.
  • Be ready to work with device drivers.
  • Have a general vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet-based technologies.
  • Be good at using data structures.
  • Understand design patterns and interrupt-driven design.
  • Possesses debugging skills.
  • Have expertise in handling hardware test equipment.
  • Be experienced in communication protocols.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering can considerably boost one’s employment opportunities. can help you find an embedded developer

If you’re interested in hiring an embedded developer in Poland, get in touch with us! We know the IT industry inside out and we have excellent HR skills.

After we receive your application, we’ll stick to this scheme:

  1. Ask you questions about your business and projects.
  2. Compile a portrait of an ideal candidate for your requirements, using a skills matrix.
  3. Detect the optimal strategies, tools, and platforms for searching for the right professionals.
  4. Sift through the messages that we receive from candidates and hand-pick the best ones.
  5. Interview the specialists.
  6. Forward to you the profiles and contacts of only those of them who seem to be a perfect match for you.

Then, it’s your turn to interview these people and negotiate the terms of your collaboration. It will take you minimum time and effort.

The prices for our services always remain affordable. We’ll be glad to find embedded developers for you with any level of expertise!

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