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CV: Senior Embedded Linux Developer

Location: Lithuania

Rate: 5000 usd gross


Open-minded, well organized and efficient professional. Systems engineering team leader, with more than eight years of IT experience in production. Certified Microsoft Azure Architect. Focusing on people, technologies and results.

Professional Experience

Position: Developer

03.2020 – 08.2020

Project: Internal IoT project. Development and production a pcb prototypes.


  • Development a mass production variant of pcb.
  • PoC producing.
  • Firmware developing.

Tools & Technologie: ESpressif SDK, Amazon Freertos SDK, Espressif esp-idf, Cmake, Make, Gcc, Ninja.

Position: Developer

01.2019 – 01.2020; 08.2020 - Present

Project: Embedded software developer, hardware consultant


  • Developed automatic in-modem database migration;
  • Developed lwm2m related cli commands;
  • Developed some features related to business logic;
  • Reseached and developed some DALI-related features;
  • Bug fixing.

Tools & Technologie: Lwm2m, Llvm, Gcc-arm, Make, Openocd.

Position: Developer

07.2018 – 09.2018

Project: Minion: Enhancements to the gateway and sensor device software. Requirements, design, development, and testing of the software for the integration of the sensors and gateway.


  • Circuitry analysis and modification.

Tools & Technologie: EnergyTrace, BLE 4.2, IAR IDE, MSP-FET.

Position: Key Developer

11.2017 – 12.2017

Project: Establish foundation for predictive maintenance. Explore capabilities to connect to diagnostics machines, read data and transfer to cloud. Provide Consultancy Service, conduct client and study given documentation.


  • Design and production a few samples of bluetooth sensors and firmware for
  • Building a hardware architecture based on IoT technology.
  • Support testers to make a testing environment.

Tools & Technologie: BLE, Bluetooth low energy 4.2, Nordic nRF51 SDK, ARM mbed, Autodesk EagleCad.

Position: Key Developer

10.2017 – 11.2017

Project: Device development.


  • Creating a system architecture.
  • Design and development of the hardware device based on past projects.
  • Making pcb layout and producing a few samples for presentation and few for a backup.
  • Creating firmware that measures acceleration and transfers this to smartphones.
  • Leading to Android developer and python developer (server-side) to create a communication according to the system architecture.
  • Taking part in a presentation to the customer.

Tools & Technologie: Bluetooth low energy 4.2, ARM mbed, Nordic nRF51 SDK, ARM mbed, Autodesk EagleCad.

Position: Key Developer

08.2017 – 10.2017

Project: Bluetooth device which is connected to smartphone and able to indicate a weather forecast via led.


  • Design and development of the hardware device from the scratch. Choosing components, platform and system-on-chip.
  • Making pcb layout and building a few prototypes. Creating initial firmware that covers MVP requirements.
  • Leading another developer to improve functionality and user characteristics such as over-the-air updates, decrease power consumption, etc. Support Android and iOS developers to build communication protocols in order to increase battery life and reach the best performance.

Tools & Technologie: Bluetooth low energy 4.2, ARM mbed, ARM mbed compiler, Nordic nRF51 SDK, Autodesk EagleCAD.

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