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The current CV for the C# Developer position in Poland is a very problematic issue because there are few really experienced staff. Demand for C# developers is high because many projects are based on this language (distinguished by the presence of many libraries with functions to simplify writing code, and fast compilation on devices of different modifications).

Where to find a job seeker

The search for the resume of a C# developer can be done at various job sites, the main disadvantage of searching IT personnel this way is the impossibility of being sure of the data and skills of a person. The best way to search for a resume is to use a recruiting agency, the information in the resume is corroborated and you don't need to check the applicant too much.

How to properly analyze the resume

The selection of personnel should begin with the analysis of the resume of the future employee. You should pay attention to education (courses, college or university diploma), work experience, knowledge in the field of IT product promotion, and personal qualities (assiduity, ability to work in a team, stress tolerance).

What you need to know at the interview

During the interview for the search for a C# developer, the person should be tested on the skills mentioned in the resume. He should understand the basics of programming, and know the syntax and libraries with functions to speed up the writing of code. Separately, you should analyze the personal qualities of the future employee for his cooperation with colleagues, honesty, and openness.

C# developer Salary

Employees in the IT field have high salaries. The average rate per hour for a C# developer is about 40 euros and a month that comes out to about 3000 euros. For Senior Level programmers the salary level is higher by 50%. In special cases, they can pay up to 10,000 euros (exceptional knowledge or experience).

Why choose the recruitment agency

If you are looking for a C# Developer programmer, then contact our recruitment agency The advantages of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • punctuality - we will find an employee in the designated time frame;
  • searching among Junior Level, Middle Level, and Senior Level programmers from Poland and other European regions with well-developed IT infrastructure;
  • selecting project managers for the projects is a difficult task since a person takes full responsibility for the work of junior staff;
  • affordable prices for services;
  • opportunity to negotiate pay by the hour by the week, or by the month;
  • the opportunity to consult on any concerns (how long it will take to find a programmer for a permanent job, what payment system is better to choose, and some others).

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